Agriscience Jackpot

Agriscience Jackpot: A Problem Solvers Paradise

Congratulations to the big winners of the 2019 Agriscience Jackpot!


  • Animal Sciences
  • Food & Nutrition Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources
  • Plant Sciences
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Social Sciences (Ag Ed, Ag Bus, Human Sciences)


  • The first place project in each of the categories above will receive $500.
  • The second place project will receive $250.
  • Students awarded one of the top two projects in each category are promised a seat in the prestigious Summer Apprenticeship Program, a $1,000 value.
  • The top two students in each category will also be awarded a Dean's Scholar Internship, a research-based internship that should allow you to graduate from college debt-free. To receive this financial incentive, students must study a major in the College of Agriculture and meet program eligibility standards.
  • The school with the most student participation will win an award too!
  • All participants who register and present their research at the TSU Agricultural Science Fair will receive a t-shirt so you can let everyone know what a Big Blue Nerd you are!

Winners will be recognized at an Awards Program immediately following student presentations and judges' final decisions.

student on campus

Click Here to register for the TSU Agricultural Science Fair on April 11, 2019 .

Scoring, Rules, and Procedures (Judges will be given the FFA Agriscience Fair Rubric for reference only)

Written report
The written report should include the following pieces: Name, School, Category, Abstract, Introduction, Lit Review/Theory, Hypotheses or Objectives, Materials and Methods, Discussion and Conclusions, and References, all formatted using APA.

Display (including log book)
The display should also list Name, School, and Category. It should also present Abstract, Introduction, Lit Review/Theory, Hypotheses or Objectives, Materials and Methods, Discussion and Conclusions, and References. The display board should not exceed the dimensions of 36 inches high, 48 inches wide, and 39 inches deep. Tables will be provided. The display must consist of a stable, freestanding display board on the provided table top not to exceed the sizes outlined above. The student researcher(s) may also have the logbook and copies of the written report as part of the display. Electronics are permitted. Posters can be created, however this is not required. Participant(s) are responsible for providing backing for the poster if needed.

Participants are required to meet face to face with the judges to explain their projects. Explanation and questioning may not exceed 15 minutes. The interview is an opportunity for judges to ask questions about the project. Interview and questions for agriscience fair participants will normally be 5-10 minutes. Teams of faculty and students with expertise in each category will conduct judging and interviews.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. John Ricketts at 615-630-0526.