Genders and Sexualities Alliance

Mission Statement

The GSA or Genders & Sexualities Alliance (formerly, the Gay-Straight Alliance) is a student organization that works to improve school climate for all students (including allies), regardless of sexual identity or gender identity/expression.

The GSA is about coalition-building, and our main focus is giving the university community the knowledge & space to build a supportive environment for all students across all identities. We also work students who identify as LGBTQIA+ have the support they need to succeed in school and ultimately graduate and go out into the world.

One goal of the GSA is to provide students with leadership development, concentrating on activism, and building alliances 

the entire sexual and gender spectrum. We also strive to focus on intersectionality—ability, class, ethnicity, race, age, and background—so we can be as inclusive as possible. The GSA ultimately wants to prepare students for the world outside of school so they: have the confidence they need to thrive; know how to advocate for themselves and each other; understand how to seek support; and recognize allies.

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