Child Welfare Certification Program

Education & Employing Social Workers in the State of TN

childThe Social Work Program at Tennessee State University and the Tennessee Department of Children's Services (TDCS) have entered a partnership to recruit BSSW students for the Child Welfare Certification Program.  We are seeking students who are interested in a career in child welfare.

The certification program requires the applicant:

  • Be a full time student
  • Have at least four semesters remaining before graduation
  • Overall 2.6 cumulative GPA
  • Complete two elective child welfare courses
  • Course work for the BSSW degree
  • Complete field education with the TDCS
  • Background check must be conducted on each applicant

Each applicant will be interviewed.  Students selected for the certification program will receive a full in-state tuition scholarship and stipend for text books and living expenses for a maximum of four semesters.  In exchange for this funding, the student agrees to work for TDCS for two years upon graduation. 

BSW/BSSW Certification Program Information and Application Deadlines

Apply for the DCS Certification Program

To Apply to the Program: The application process and materials are located on the Title IV-E website. Please read all the information provided on the website:

Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester - June 15

Spring Semester - November 15

Please contact:

Sirena Bragg
BSW/MSW Program's Manager
Department of Children's Services
Cordell Hull Bullding, 7th Floor
436 6th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37243
Office Phone: 615.253.6821


Brittany M. Green

DCS Tuition Assistance Program Specialist
Department of Children Services
Cordell Hull Building
436 6th Ave. North 7th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
Office Phone: 615.741.1220



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