How To Setup a Social Media Site



Step 1 - Social Media Platform - Instructions

Each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has a process for you to create a new site on their system.  And each social media platform will lead you through the necessary steps for their particular platform.

Step 2 - Acquire (or Set-up) a Departmental Email Address

First, be sure to obtain your department's TSU email address.  You don't want to use your own individual TSU email address because if you ever leave the university, the department will not be able to access the social media site you set up!

My department does not have a department email address.
If your department does not have an email address (for example, you are the TSU History department and you do not have an email address of ""), then you should request one.  

To request an email address to be setup, log a ticket with the TSU IT department and ask for "" to be setup (or whatever is most appropriate for your department or college).  Make it generic enough to that if your department changes its name, you won't have to change your email address too!

Step 3 -Choose Your Social Media Platform

Next, choose the social media platform(s) from the list below that you desire to create for your department... and follow that platform's instructions.  **NOTE: Be sure to input your department's email address when asked for an email address.

Social Media Platforms





Pinterest LinkedIn

After you set-up your site -

Once you have your department's social media site(s) setup, be sure to add it to the University's official Social Media Directory!  

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