Second Life @ TSU

Second Life© (SL) is an online virtual world which combines aspects of social networking with graphics technology similar to first person video games. You move a virtual person or avatar through the virtual world enabling you to explore, create and interact with other avatars. SL is not a game; it is a simulated experience in a virtual world.

We invite everyone to become part of our virtual campus! Please download the Getting Started Guide for instructions. Once you have created an account and downloaded the Second Life Viewer Software,you can visit the Second Life© at TSU campus by clicking the link below:

Second Life @ TSU - After you have created your account and installed the SL Viewer, CLICK HERE to enter Second Life.

Once you are logged into Second Life @ TSU you can:

  • Take a tour of the campus - Go to the Teleport Board, click on any image and be whisked away to visit that area.
  • Meet with one of our in-world representatives – Go to Information Center, click on any image to get in contact with that individual. If the person is off-line, they will send you an email to schedule an appointment to meet in-world.

Our goal of developing a virtual campus at Tennessee State University is to establish a place for members of the academy - especially the University's distance, off-campus, and transfer students, faculty, and staff - to not only connect with each other, but to increase their sense of connectedness to the University. Through Second Life© at TSU, users will be able to interact, socialize and participate in individual and group activities. With the ability to connect synchronously and asynchronously, students will have enhanced online services and resources available. Virtual campus access will allow students to experience, in a realistic way, TSU support services, campus organizations, music performances, art exhibits, and possibly streamed athletic events.

What better way to feel connected then being able to stroll through our virtual campus and hear the Alma Mater played at Noon from our grand clock tower as it does today in real world; or a group of students meeting informally on the yard; or a group of students enrolled in our Nursing Program using our world to help better understand patient care; or better yet, if a student needs help from an advisor, then they can just stop by for a visit. The possibilities are endless!!

Need assistance in the real world? Contact us.  

Your feedback is important, so please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

 The Second Life @ TSU project is a joint collaboration between the
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, the Center for Extended Education, and the Tennessee State University Title III – Strengthening Distance Education Programs and Strengthening Undergraduate Programs and SAFRA Transfer Center Program Activities.

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