Surplus Property

Obsolete equipment and furniture?

General Information loolp

The Tennessee State University Electronic Warehouse contains surplus items that are readily available for internal redistribution to various departments within the University. Any department interested in acquiring items appearing in the Electronic Warehouse, Tier I should submit the Warehouse Property Request Form .

Surplus property items are placed in the Electronic Warehouse, Tier I as items are declared excess to needs of the department and turned-in to Movable Property. Items will remain in the Electronic Warehouse, Tier I for no less than sixty (60) days from initial listing to facilitate maximum utilization.

If no department within the University has a need for any of the surplus property items, the items will be offered to other Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) system institutions, the University of Tennessee (UT) system institutions and other State agencies.

Interested departments are encouraged to review surplus property items in the Electronic Warehouse on a continuous basis to determine availability of items needed. Departments may access the TSU's Electronic Warehouse through the GovDeals website.

Movement of Furniture, Equipment, Etc.

See Movable Properties Request