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Graduate Student Speaker & Workshop Series


The mission of this series is to enrich the graduate student experience at TSU. Every year, experienced professionals are invited to campus to share their expertise with graduate students, providing them with professional insight and skills that support their professional development.


Upcoming Events

Educational Testing Service: Dr. Jhan Berry will be visiting TSU to discuss opportunities at ETS.

Previous Events  

10/29/2019 - "Building Healthy Habits: Eliminating Anxiety in Graduate Studies": Ms. Kennedy, the Director of Counseling Services at Tennessee State University, provides knowledge for recognizing  and responding to stress and anxiety.

10/31/2017 - "Fighting Against the Grain of Conformity in a Culture of Chaos: An HBCU Perspective":  Dr. Prier shared his expertise with empowering young people who desire to lead with creativity, moral clarity, and political purpose for social justice in society.

3/29/2017- "Academic Writing Seminar for Students"

11/16/2016 - "My Journey: Skills for Being Successful in Life (Dr. Bernard Turner, Belmont University)": Dr. Turner shared his experience on grant writing, social entrepreneurship, setting goals, maximizing strengths, networking and giving back.

11/9/2016 -  "Down, But Never Out: Overcoming Obstacles on the Path Towards Success (Dr. Lameesa Muhammad, University of Cincinnati-Clermont)": Dr. Muhammad-Jordan shared her expertise on staying resilient when faced with professional challenges. This was an excellent opportunity for students to gain insight on how to thrive in their graduate education and future career.

9/26/2016 - "Beyond Surviving to Thriving in College: Defying Stereotypes & Beating Odds (Dr. Donna Ford, Vanderbilt University)":  Dr. Ford, an accomplished researcher, author, and professor at Vanderbilt University, discussed her work on multicultural, urban, and gifted education.

9/15/2016 - "Managing Library Research as a Graduate Student: Navigating, Searching, & Organizing Resources (Dr. Janet Walsh, TSU Library)": This workshop examined the resources that are available at the library, including online databases.