Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sociology

Sociology is the study of group life.  As a social science, it combines scientific and humanistic perspectives to identify, describe, explain and understand the connections between the social forces that help shape who we are, what we believe, how we behave, and how we choose to live our lives.  Sociology examines how we shape our world through our interactions with others and by the choices we make, and how and why groups form, organize, achieve goals and evolve.  The Online Bachelor of Science in Sociology, while not limited to this population, is designed especially for students who require flexible scheduling options and are unable to attend traditional classes. 

Students who successfully complete this degree acquire a broad understanding of social processes, social institutions, and group behavior, and strong analytical skills that are highly prized in the worlds of business, industry, and local, state, and federal government and community organizations.  This degree is also good preparation for graduate or professional school (e.g., Law or MBA).

Program Requirements (minimum of 120 credit hours)

General Education (60 hours):
A student must meet the General Education Requirements of Tennessee State University. It is critical to speak with your TSU Student Support Services Counselor prior to enrollment regarding the General Education Requirements and transferability.

• Complete all of your general education courses through Tennessee State, OR
• Speak with the TSU Student Support Services Counselor or advisor to determine which prior college credits fulfill the university general education requirements.

Core Sociology Required Courses (18 Hours):       
• SOCI 2010-98     Introduction to Sociology (3)                  
• SOCI 3000-98     Social Statistics (3)                                 
• SOCI 4510-98     Introduction to Social Research (3)             
• SOCI 4520-98     Senior Project (3)                                     
• SOCI 4900-98     Classical Sociological Theory (3)             
• SOCI 4910-98     Contemporary Sociological Theory (3)      

Sociology Electives (12 Hours Upper-division SOCI or ANTH):
• SOCI 3100-98      Sex, Gender, Social Interaction (3)         
• SOCI 3600-98      Family (3)                                             
• SOCI 3700-98      Minority Group Problems (3)                   
• SOCI 3950-98      Racism: A Sociological Analysis (3)         
• SOCI 4000-98      Criminology (3)                                    
• SOCI 4100-98      Juvenile Delinquency (3)                      
• SOCI 4300-98      Sociology of Child Development (3)

Electives (30 hours, including at least 15 Hours Upper-division): 
Speak with your Sociology advisor about possible courses.        
Graduation Requirements include the following:
• At least 120 semester hours total.
• At least 30 semester hours must be awarded by Tennessee State University.
• At least 42 semester hours at the 3000-4000 level.

For additional information, please visit: /sociology/.

Please check with your TSU Student Support Services Counselor, Mr. Bryan Thorpe (, 615-963-7214) for questions concerning registration, financial aid, course access and other student support services.  Ms. Lori Wiens ( , 615-963-7201) can provide you the name and contact information for your academic advisor.

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