Minority University Research and Education Project 

The TSU SITES-M/MUREP Aerospace Academy is designed to....

  • Inspire a more diverse student population to pursue STEM post-secondary degrees and careers;
  • Engage students, parents/adult family members and teachers in first-hand learning experiences involving emerging technologies/high-tech applications, STEM practices, and establishing a supportive community; and
  • Educate students utilizing rigorous STEM curricula, designed and implemented by NASA, and utilizing effective evidence-based strategies employed by leading STEM professionals and agencies.

The project utilizes five major strategies to reach its goals and objective, which includes:

  1. First-hand Learning Experiences;

  2. Providing Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL) Access;

  3. Family Empowerment Sessions;     

  4. STEM Professional Development  Opportunities; and

  5. STEM Community Outreach Activities.