Health Sciences 

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Our Distinctives

College Mission

Our College’s mission is to promote academic quality and student success by preparing tomorrow's health care leaders through professional programs, interdisciplinary collaboration, clinical research, scholarly inquiry, evidence-based practice, practitioner engagement, and community service.

College Vision
Preparing tomorrow's health care leaders.

College Core Values
We display interest in each other and in you; we maintain ethical practices and conduct matters with integrity, courtesy, and dependency; we embrace learning, working and service; and will carry out our responsibilities by being prepared to give our best. 

College Goals
1. To develop and implement educational programs designed to produce tomorrow’s health practitioners, educators and leaders based upon employment demands.

2. To recruit students interested in careers in the health field into programs offered in the College and to instill in students the basic principles of professionalism; to provide students with career counseling, academic advisement, and tutorial assistance all designed to assist them in achieving their career goals.

3. To identify, early, barriers for student success in order to achieve maximal levels of preparation required to produce a health career.

4. To maintain full accreditation by appropriate agencies for programs offered in the College.

5. To recruit and maintain faculty capable of making significant contributions to the basic and applied research efforts of the institution, College, and world.

6. To encourage and promote the delivery of services to the community by sponsoring seminars, workshops, consultation, service learning projects, and the delivery of health services when appropriate.



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Outstanding Clinical Placements

Our programs contract with outstanding clinical placement facilities for our students. You will also learn from exceptional faculty, pursue your research investigations, and immerse yourself in TSU’s challenging and accredited health-related academic programs that prepare you to achieve a high pass rate on licensing examinations.


Scholarships & Resources for African Americans:

 Job Opportunities

When you graduate, you’ll be ready to take advantage of Nashville’s well-regarded health care industry with its many opportunities in clinical practice, administration, teaching, and service at public and private hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, industries, and businesses.


Professional Licensure

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