I have been teaching history since 1985 and teaching on-line since January 2003.   I am a professor of History at Tennessee State University, in the Department of History, Political Science, Geography, and Africana Studies

I became interested in pre-modern Europe in high school, and selected my college based in part on the presence of a Medieval Studies program. I attended Indiana University, Bloomington (a beautiful campus), where I majored in Geography and pursued a certificate in Medieval Studies. After my bachelor's degrees, I earned my MA and PhD from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in Medieval History, with an outside field in Early Modern History and a minor in Latin. Although I do most of my research in French monastic politics, I have strong interests in women's history, environmental history, and global trade and cultural exchanges.

At Tennessee State University I teach World History I and upper-division courses in pre-modern Europe (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance-Reformation, and special topics covering the period before 1500).  I am also the academic advisor for History majors. 

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