Amaranth Institute Meeting, 2022

Amaranth Institute Conference 2022

Day 1

Speaker: Dr. Matthew W. Blair

New Testing of Grain Amaranths in Tennessee
Speaker: Dr. Matthew W. Blair

Effect of Varieties and Fertilizer Levels on Micronutrients from Grain Amaranths
Speaker: Ms. Mica Jenkins, Alex Hines, Dr. Helena Pachon, Dr. Matthew W. Blair

Plenary Talk - Breeding in the Mexican Yucatan and Guatemala
Speaker: Dr. Ivonne Sanchez-del Pino

Soil Management Choices, Amaranth Qualities, and Implications for Human Health
Speaker: Dr. Walton Sumner

Breeding Opportunities with Grain Amaranth
Speaker: Dr. Rob Myers

Amaranth, Hedge Against Climate Change and Edible at Every Stage of Growth
Speaker: Mr. Jason Avent

Update on Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Grain Amaranths
Speaker: Mr. David Brenner

Amaranth Production in N. China
Speakers: Dr. Jinzhi Cheng, Dr. Matthew W. Blair

Challenges and Potention Benefits of Growing Vegetable Amaranth in SE USA
Speaker Dr. Louis Jackai

Amaranth Seed Grain Storage Proteins
Speaker: Dr. Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa

World Veg / AVRDC Research on Amaranths
Speaker: Dr. Roland Schafleitner

Day 2

Varietal Selection and Use in India
Speaker: Dr. Dinesh Chandra Joshi

Production of Grain Amaranth in Ukraine
Speakers: Olexandr Duda, Dr. Svitlana Mikolenko

Amaranth Varietal Selection and use in Tanzania
Speaker: Dr. Fekadu Dinssa

Amaranth Ecolodge Experience in Ethiopia
Speakers: Mulunesh Jebessa, Dr. Endale Amare

Pseudo-cereal Session 9 - Quinoa in Missouri
Speakers: Dr. Safiullah Pathan

Amaranths as a Fodder for Specialty Animals in Tennessee
Speaker: Dr. Carollyn Boykins-Winrow

Amaranthus Production of Betalains
Speaker: Dr. Chance Riggins

Amaranth Calcium Oxalate Crystals
Speakers: Dr. Iván Takeshi Cerritos Castro, Dr. Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa

Speed Round - Stimpled for Yield / Quality of Amaranth Leafy Greens
Speaker: Dr. Dilip Dandwani

Speed Round - Pre-varietal Testing of Grain Amaranths in Tennessee
Speakers: Dr. Lucas Mackasmiel, Dr. Daniel Ambachew, Mr. David Hickok, Dr. Matthew Blair

Proteomics-transcriptomics of Abiotic Stress Responses in Amaranth
Speakers: Dr. Jose Huerta, Dr. Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa

Amaranth Institute - Business Meeting Session Two - AI Elections
Amaranth Institude Officer - Election

Attendee Certificates of Appreciation

Certificate Ana Paulina

Certificate Elena Ecuador

Certificate Ivan

Certificate Jose A. Huerta

Certificate Mulunesh

Certificate Olexandr

Certificate Sanchez del Pino

Certificate Svitlana