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Shuttle Schedule

* All Times Are Approximate and Subject to Traffic Delays 

* Homecoming Week has a separate shuttle schedule.

* Thanksgiving Week - There are no shuttle services in operation from Thursday - Sunday. Operations resume on the Monday following Thanksgiving. 


Express Shuttle Schedule 

(Apartments to Main Campus and Return) 

Monday – Thursday: 7:30AM – 10:30PM (Approximately Every 20 Minutes)

Friday: 7:30AM – 10:30PM (Approximately Every 30 Minutes)

Saturday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM (Approximately Hourly)

Sunday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM (Approximately Hourly)


Avon Williams Shuttle Schedule

(Performing Arts to Avon Williams and Return)

Monday - Thursday 7:30AM – 10:30PM
Pick-Up and Drop-Offs Approximately Every 30 Minutes

Friday 8:00AM – 9:00PM
Pick-Up and Drop-Offs Approximately Every 60 Minutes

Saturday 7:30AM – 2:30PM
Pick-Up and Drop-Offs Approximately Every 60 Minutes

Sunday No Service

- print shuttle schedule -

How to Reserve a TSU Shuttle Bus

  1. Go to the TSU Calendar system (CBMS).

  2. Log in using your tnstate username and password

  3. Under “Reservation Templates,” choose Departmental Facility Request,” (select “Book Now” on the right of the screen)

  4. Enter the date, start time and end time

  5. Under Locations: Please choose “Outdoor Area

  6. Under Set-up Types: Please choose “None Required

  7. Enter your attendance select “Find Space”

  8. A list of areas will pop-up to your right, choose “TSU Shuttle” by clicking on the blue plus button

  9. Click “Continue” and proceed to enter the necessary details

  10. Under “Add Services,” prompt will ask if you will need transportation, click “Yes


- print above instructions -


TSU Shuttle Bus

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