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College of Engineering Research

Research Goals and Objectives

The College of Engineering is committed to conducting research in critical technologies through collaborations and partnerships with academia, industry and national laboratories and prepare the workforce for the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Research Interests and Capabilities

1. What are the key research areas or capabilities of your organization for which yourorganization has publications, contracts, or partnerships?

AI applications, Robotics, Sensor Fusion, Health Monitoring (Diagnosis and prognosis), Control Systems, Signal/Image    Processing, Communication Networks, Probabilistic Design Methodologies, Advanced Materials, Cyber-Security, and Bioremediation

2. What are the research interests of your organization which you would like to begin developing?

Information technology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics, and GIS-based Bioremediation

3. Who are the key researchers in your organization and what are their areas of expertise and interests? Key researchers would be those who have funded projects from federal agencies, corporations or partnerships with other universities.

Please see research faculty page

4. What special facilities (labs, instruments, equipment, etc.) does your organization have to support your research capabilities?

Nano-Materials Laboratory, Cyber-Security Lab, Mobile Robots, Computers, Routers, CAD/CAM workstations, Scanning Electron Microscope, automated X-ray diffraction Machine, CNC Machine, Rapid Prototype Machine, Nano-indent Machine, GCS, and standard laboratory test equipment

5. What special facilities does your organization need to expand your research capabilities and interests?

Same as in #2

6. What problems or issues related to national security is staff in your organization working on?

None at the moment

7. What problems or issues related to homeland security is staff in your organization working on?

Cybersecurity, Bioremediation and Detection of CB agents through Unmanned ground Vehicles

8. What initiatives do you recommend to organizations who want to pursue research with you?

Submit joint proposals in the areas stated in item # 1. Special invites and periodic visits from key technical and program managers to present seminars to research faculty to simulate common interests in research areas of interest are welcomed.




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