Becoming a Tiger Gem

2019-2020 Tiger Gem Tryout

One purpose of the tryout is to select a group who possess the best mastery of pom, jazz, and hip hop. A second purpose is to determine the best representatives for Tennessee State University. During tryouts, a panel of judges and specialists in this field will make cuts until the final team is selected. The format of the tryout covers two mandatory days of clinic and tryout, where skills and routines are taught. Participants will also showcase a home routine (1 minute) on the final day.

Advance execution of kicks, split leaps, triple/quadruple pirouettes, switch leaps, fouettes, toe-touches, and flexibility are required skills for this squad.


Clothing for the tryout clinics are long/short sports bra and shorts. No loose-fitting clothes are allowed. Knee pads are suggested. NO JEWELRY!

Before the clinics and tryout:

Please make sure you are committed to being a student here by applying for admittance. Making the squad will not ensure admittance to our university. ( )

Learn more about our squads by checking out our website.   ( )

Make sure you are in top physical condition by stretching, working out, and practicing your skills.

Make sure you have a current physical, your sports physical should be on file at your school and with your Doctor. You will need a copy.

All participants must sign a TSU athletic Indemnity Agreement waiver before participating in any TSU dance clinics or tryouts. If you are younger than 18, participant and parents/guardian must sign the liability waiver before you can participate. Please read, print, sign, and bring to clinics and tryouts.

Go to

Click on:

  1.       Inside Athletics
  2.       Sports Medicine
  3.        Print both:
  •          Pre-Participation Examination Form
  •          Indemnity Agreement



We will be accepting preview videos starting March 1-31 each year   that should include an introduction, kicks, split leaps, triple/quadruple pirouettes, switch leaps, fouettes, toe-touches, and flexibility. This is required for an invite to the official tryout. Please email video to with the subject  DANCE 2019 . You will receive a simple reply “Received” which confirms we received your entire packet and video. If we do not reply within a week of your submission please follow up to confirm we received it.

One week prior to tryouts we will be sending out emails with a video of the fight song and sideline routine to candidates who are invite to the tryouts in April.



Take all clinics and tryout days seriously by looking your best! Hair must be pulled away from the face with short bangs being the only exception. No stray pieces!

  •         Clinics = Wear a fitted t-shirt or tank top,  shorts, dance tights and dance shoes. School colors are highly preferred. Have hair in a bun and completely pulled away from the face. 
  •        Tryouts Day 1 = Fitted black tank top or bra top, black boycut shorts, dance tights and dance shoes. ONLY school colors/logos are allowed
  •         Tryouts Day 2 = Wear royal blue boycut shorts, a plain white fitted tank top, dance tights and dance shoes. Hair in a bun pulled back off face. Makeup must be game-ready-- eyeliner and/or mascara, blush, and lip color required at minimum.



At our tryout-prep clinics, anyone trying out for our squad can come practice required skills with members of our current squad to prepare for tryouts. We encourage anyone who can attend to do so, but they are NOT required.

Prom conflicts? It happens every year! Please contact Coach Pope ( to arrange special accommodations if necessary. Presence is mandatory to tryout for the squad.


2019-2020 Fall Dance Auditions 
April 26-28, 2019                         

Meet in the Gentry Complex on the main floor.

Bring all documents listed above with you to the clinic.

Tryout Itinerary for Spring:

DAY 1      (Gentry Complex)

4:00 PM Doors Open, Check in, stretch

4:30 PM Preliminary testing begins

  •         Learning ability- we quickly teach a sideline - rated 1 to 5
  •         Flexibility- heel stretch or bow, scorpion, and arabesque- rated 1-5
  •          Toe touch jump- rated 1 to 5   


  •         Jumps, toe touch, three-jump combination (whip between)
  •         Fight song
  •         Sideline dance
  •         Practice tumbling Optional (running or standing)

9:00 PM 1st Round cuts made

10:00 PM Dismissal

DAY 2      (Gentry Complex)

8:30 AM Doors Open, stretch

Review Session- review all material learned

  •          BREAK to relocate, fix hair, grab a snack 11:30 AM-12:30PM
  •          1:00 PM Tryouts!!! (Indoor Practice Facility)

 Day 3   (Indoor Practice Facility)

**If for any reason you are accepted as an alternate, or even full team member, without some of the required skills you will be expected to work on them throughout the season. Team members will not make the team again the following year without the required skills. If you are working on specific skills be sure to perform them during clinics/practice time with spots. Discuss any injury with coach.

**If you wish to participate at our clinics or tryouts you must sign a liability waiver and Indemnity Agreement mentioned above. If you are not yet 18 years old your parent/guardian must also sign waivers. Please read, print, sign, and bring liability waiver and Indemnity Agreement to pre-clinics and tryouts.

Tips for Tryouts-

  •          Positive attitude
  •          Willingness to learn/team player
  •          Apply all corrections
  •          Enthusiasm
  •          Collegiate spirit
  •          Athletic physique
  •          Great overall health
  •          Focus on perfecting the basics before advancing, especially with stunt technique
  •          Full downs are required for maximum points
  •          Great showmanship
  •          Tight and sharp motions are ABSOLUTELY required
  •          GPA of 2.0 or better
  •          Placement on team is based on points, attitude, versatility, and coach's discretion.


Thank you for your interest in Tennessee State University!!!!


Submitting Application Packets

Completed application packets and videos are due on or before March 31 each year.

Send to the TSU Spirit Office Coach via email or mail.  See details>>


Directions & Locations

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Have Questions?

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