CEU Requests

Need to Assign CEU credit to a Course

Are you an educational vendor or educator needing to assign CEU credit to the course you will be teaching?  If so, please click on the link below to complete your application online or download a form to return to us.

If approved, the Office of Continuing Education will send the program coordinator a CEU approval memo providing the appropriate course number, number of CEUs approved, and registration forms for each participant to complete.

The cost is $15.00 per participant for CEU credits only or $20.00 per participant for CEU credits along with a certificate of completion mailed to each participant.

Upon completion of the event, the program coordinator mails the completed registration forms for each participant, payment for each participant, and event rosters to the Office of Continuing Education no later than 7 business days after the last day of the approved program.

Please note:

  • 10 instructional/contact hours equals 1 CEU.
  • Programs offered must provide educational practice appropriate to the subject matter and expected training outcomes.
  • All required documents should be submitted to the Office of Continuing Education 6-8 weeks prior to event/course date.
  • Degree and/or experience level should be listed on instructor’s resume and education/experience should be related to the presented topic.
  • The minimum time for each program is 45 minutes. Any time less than 45 minutes will not be evaluated.
  • Calculation of contact hours involved in the continuing education program may not include the following elements: orientation or opening remarks; entertainment or recreation; committee meetings; travel; or unsupervised study.

  To apply for Continuing Education Units (CEU) Download Form