Program Committee

1st Annual Workshop on Data Sciences

TSU Building


Workshop Chair
Dr. Ali Sekmen, Professor and Chair 
Department of Computer Science,
Tennessee State University


Organization Committee
Dr. Wei Chen, Computer Science
Dr. Sivapragasam Sathananthan, Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Sachin Shetty, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Kamal Al Nasr, Computer Science
Dr. Matthew Hayes, Computer Science
Dr. Dorjsuren Badamdorj, Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Jean-Claude Pedjeu, Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Patricio Jara, Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Martene Stenberry, Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Ali Taheri, Agriculture and Environmental Research
Dr. Bharat Pokharel, Agriculture and Environmental Research     

Admin Support
Mrs. Elif Sen, Computer Science

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