Agricultural Sciences  2+2

Earn a Bachelor's Degree Close to Home!

student on campus

The Agricultural Sciences 2+2 program allows students to attend Motlow State Community College for two years, then transfer to Tennessee State University (TSU) for an additional two years while taking all courses at the Motlow State Fayetteville campus.

In just four years, a student taking 15 credit hours per semester can earn both an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree. There are many benefits to participating in this 2+2 program, such as:

  • Close to home- All classes are offered at the Motlow State Fayetteville campus. This will prevent students from having to commute or move to attend bachelor’s level courses.

  • Cost Effective-  TSU has the lowest tuition cost of any university in the state of Tennessee. With scholarship opportunities, a full time student has the possibility of going to school tuition free.

  • Flexibility – Classes are offered in a variety of formats including online, face-to-face, hybrid, and accelerated. Students’ lives often entail juggling work, family, and school responsibilities. The flexibility of the courses allows students to choose classes that work best with their busy schedules.

Why Choose TSU?

The College’s low faculty-to-student ratio guarantees that students will receive individualized attention from dedicated faculty who are experts in their areas of specialization.  Career opportunities for graduates are excellent. Our faculty conduct research to provide students with hands-on, real world training for their future careers, and to solve problems facing our state, nation and world. Through our innovative research, we address the needs of fellow Tennesseans, focus on finding solutions to challenges faced by socially and economically disadvantaged groups, and contribute to the prosperity of the citizens of Tennessee and the nation.

For more information contact:

Dr. John C. Ricketts
College of Agriculture
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences