Joint Admissions Program



Nashville State Community College (NSCC) and Tennessee State University (TSU) have partnered together to offer the Joint Admission Program, that provides services to help students smoothly transfer to TSU to pursue their bachelor's degree after graduating from NSCC. 


Joint Admissions Benefits: 

  • Guaranteed admission to TSU while completing an Associate Degree, provided the student complies with requirements. Students are not guaranteed admission to Baccalaureate programs that require a separate admission process.

  • Access to advisement and other support services from both NSCC and TSU faculty and staff throughout the program.

  • Limited access to TSU facilities and services such as the library, academic and computer labs, access to student affairs, financial aid , and career services prior to full admission. Students may also attend TSU sporting and cultural events and participate in opportunities for educational and personal enrichment.

  • Scholarship Opportunities


Joint Admission Eligibility:  

  • Meet current admission criteria at both institutions (NSCC and TSU)

  • Complete the associate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5. (Individual departmental requirements may be higher.)

  • Do not attend another institution between NSCC graduation and formally enrolling at TSU.

  • Formally enroll at TSU within one year of the NSCC Associate Degree completion.

  • Students are encouraged apply to the program prior to earning 18 credit hours in order to derive maximum benefits from the Joint Admissions program. 

  • Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a lawful, civil, and responsible manner and for observing all rules, regulations, and policies at both NSCC and TSU. 


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