Dr. Artenzia C. Young-Seigler

Professor and Department Chair
Coordinator Introductory Biology

Young Seigler 2022 pic   Department of Biological Sciences 
   College of Life & Physical Sciences

    Contact Information:
    Departmental Chair Office: 110 McCord Hall
    Telephone: 615-963-5753 
    FAX: 615-963-7640
    Email: ayoung@tnstate.edu




Education :
B.S.; Paul Quinn College (Biology; Pre-Medicine)
Ph.D.; Meharry Medical College (Physiology/Neuroscience)                           
Postdoctoral Fellow; Vanderbilt University (Nephrology)

Research Areas: Neuroscience

Young-Seigler A., Kennedy C. R. J., Zhang Y., Breyer M. and Breyer R. (1999). The effect of genetic background on salt-sensitive hypertension in mice deficient in the EP2 receptor gene. Circulation 100(18): I533-I544

Floyd E., Young-Seigler A., Ford B., Townsel J. and Rucker H. (1997). Chronic ethanol ingestion produces cholinergic hypofunction in rat brain. Alcohol 14: 93-98

Young-Seigler A., Ford B., Reid E. and Townsel J. (1996). The involvement of protein kinase C on the regulation of choline uptake: possible mechanism of action. Behavioral and Molecular Neuroscience Symposium, Meharry Medical College

Young-Seigler A., Ford B. and Townsel J. (1994). Evidence of an occluded population of choline co-transporters in the CNS of Limulus polyphemus. Soc. for Neurosci. Abstrs. 20(1): 553

Biol 1010/1011         Introduction To Biophysical Sciences I and Lab
Biol 1020/1021         Introduction To Biophysical Sciences II and Lab
Biol 1010/1011         Introductory Biology I and Lab
Biol 1020/1021         Introductory Biology II and Lab





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