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 1. What are the course requirements for minor in biology?  

- An under graduate minor in biology  consists of a minimum of 24 semester hours  of biology courses, 16 of which should  be taken in sequence. These courses are   BIOL 1110/ 1111  General Biology I and Lab;   BIOL 1120/ 1121  General Biology II and Lab;   BIOL 2110/2111 Cell Biology and Lab,  and  BIOL 2120/ 2121  Principles of Genetics and Lab.  General Chemistry 1110 and 1120, with laboratories, are required as a supporting related course and must precede BIOL 2110. The remaining  eight hours of biology courses  must be on the 3000 or 4000 level and may be elected by the student.

2. How do I know who my faculty advisor is?  

- You can find the name and contact email of your biology faculty advisor from your Degree Works, which is located within your  MyTSU  Portal. Logon to your  MyTSU,  click on Degree Works, then you will see the name of your faculty advisor.  

3. What are the upper division general elective courses for undergraduate biology major?  

- Upper division general elective courses  can be in any discipline, having a course number greater than 3000.   

4. How can I officially  change my major, minor or  concentration?  

- You may officially change your major,  add or drop a  minor  or  double major, change your concentration by submitting a request form. You may download the blank  Undergraduate Change of Major/Minor Request Form,  fill in required information, ask your advisor to sign, and submit  the  form  to the Office of Records.  


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