Dr. Benny Washington, Jr.


B Washington

  Department of Biological Sciences
  College of Life & Physical Sciences

  Contact Information:
  Office Location: Harned Hall, Room 211  
  Telephone: 615-963-5778 
   Email: bwashington@tnstate.edu





B.S. (Biol.)-Tennessee State Univ.
M.S. (Biol.)-Tennessee State Univ.
Ph.D. (Biochem.)-Atlanta Univ.

Research Areas  The synergistic effect of ethanol and reactive oxygen species on insulin signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells

Most Significant Publications
Washington, B., Butler, K., Doye, A., Hajjer, R., Gwathmey, J.K., Heart function challenged with fl-receptor agonism or antagonism in a heart failure model, 2001, Cardiovascular Drug and Therapy 15:481-488.

Washington, B., C. Mtshali, S.Williams, H. Smith, Shaw, B.J., Li, J., Gwathmey, J.,Ethanol-Induced Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Activity mediated through Protein Kinase C, 2003, Cellular and Molecular Biology, 49(8), 1361-1366.

Washington, B., S. Williams, P. Armstrong, C. Mtshali, J. T. Robinson, and E. L. Myles, Cadmium Toxicity on Arterioles Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2006, 3(4) 309.

A L Johnson , G D Goode , C Mtshali , E L Myles and B Washington, Protein Kinase C- α/ßII, δ, and ζ/λ involvement in ethanol-Induced MAPK expression in vascular smooth muscle cells , Cellmolbio., 2007, Vol 53(4).

J B Shaw , Q Cai , C Mtshali , E L Myles and B Washington, Heterogeneity of histamine H3 receptor genomic expression in the cerebral cortex of Spontaneously Hypertensive rat , Cellmolbio., 2007, Vol 53(4).

C Edwards , P Armstrong , G D Goode , C Mtshali , S Williams , E L Myles and B Washington, Cross-talking between calcium and histamine in the expression of MAPKs in hypertensive vascular smooth cells, CellMolbiol., 2007, Vol 53(4).

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