Mr. Brad Smith

Research Associate

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Department of Biological Sciences

College of Life & Physical Sciences

Contact Information:

Office Location: 215 McCord Hall
Telephone: 615-963-7993
FAX: 615-963-5747

Research Areas:

Immunohistochemistry, Biological Image Analysis Software/collection, Imaging, Animal Care, Histotechnology


Refereed journal Articles 3

Most Significant Publications:

Asson-Batres, M.A., Smith, W.B., Clark, G. 2009. Retinoic acid is present in the postnatal rat olfactory organ and persists in vitamin A--depleted neural tissue. The Journal of Nutrition 139(6):1067-72.

Asson-Batres, M.A., 2006. Localization of retinaldehyde dehydrogenases and retinoid binding proteins to sustentacular cells, Smith, W.B. glia, Bowman's gland cells, and stroma: potential sites of retinoic acid synthesis in the postnatal rat olfactory organ. Journal of Comparative Neurology 496(2):149-71.

Asson-Batres, M.A., Ahmad, O., Smith, W.B. 2003. Expression of the cellular retinoic acid binding proteins, type II and type I, in mature rat olfactory epithelium. Cell and Tissue Research 312(1):9-19.


B.S. – Belmont University. Nashville, TN

Date joined staff:  2001

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