Dr. John T. Robinson, Jr.


TN-LSAMP Executive Director


Department of Biological Sciences
College of Life & Physical Sciences

Contact Information:
Graduate School Office: AWC Suite B-400
TLSAMP Office:  415 Crouch Hall
Departmental Office Location: 112-H McCord Hall

Telephone: 615-963-5762 
Email: jrobinson@tnstate.edu

B.S. (Biology) - North Carolina Central University
Ph.D. (Biology - Cell, Developmental) - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Post-Doc - (Genetics, Cell Biology and Development) - University of Minnesota - Minneapolis/St. Paul

Research Areas:
Function and regulation of cytoskeletal proteins and associated transport complexes in Drosophila; Cell and Developmental Biology; Cell Cycle Mechanisms; Molecular Genetics; Imaging.

Most Significant Publications:

Reis,G.F., Yang, G., Szpankowski, L., Weaver, L. C., Shah, S.B., Robinson, J. T., Hays, T. S., Danuser, G., and Goldstein, L.S.B. (2012) Molecular motor funtion in axonal transport in vivo probed by genetic and computational analysis in Drosophila.  Mol Biol Cell  [Epub ahead of print-March 7, 2012]

Iyadurai , S.J.P, Robinson , J.T, Ma . L., He , Y., Mische , S., Li, M-G., , Brown . W., Guichard . A., Bier , E. and Hays, T.S. (2008) Dynein and Star interact in EGFR signaling and ligand trafficking. J Cell Sci . 121 (Pt 16):2643-51 .

Washington, B., Williams, S., Armstrong, P., Mtshali, C., Robinson, J.T. and E. L. Myles, E.L (2006) Cadmium toxicity on arterioles vascular smooth muscle cells of spontaneously hypertensive rats. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 3(4): 309.

Robinson, J.T., Wojcik, E. J., Sanders, M. A., McGrail, M.. and Hays. T.S. (1999) Cytoplasmic dynein Is required for the nuclear attachment and migration of centrosomes during mitosis in Drosophila. J. Cell Biol. 146(3): 597-608.

Biol 6560      Techniques in Microscopy (Graduate)
Biol 5180       Cell Biology (Graduate)
Biol 5210       Embryology/Developmental Biology (Graduate)
Biol 4920       Honors Undergraduate Research
Biol 4211       Embryology Lab
Biol 4210       Embryology
Biol 4190       Junior Honors Research
Biol 4100       Special Topics
Biol 2111       Cell Biology Lab
Biol 2110       Cell Biology (Undergraduate)
Biol 1121       General Biology II Lab
Biol 1120       General Biology II
Biol 1111        General Biology I Lab
Biol 1110       General Biology I
UNIV 1000    Service to Leadership (Freshman Orientation)


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