Mr. Bryan Quarles

Research Associate

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Department of Biological Sciences

College of Life & Physical Sciences

Contact information:

Office Location: Harned Hall 209

Phone: 615-963-1367

FAX: 615-963-5747


Professional Responsibilities: Supervise and prepare laboratory experiments for students on the Avon Williams and Main Campus in Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology. Coordinator of the small animal research facility, transportation facilitator and assist preceptors in their research if needed.

Research Areas: Neuropharmacology, Microbiology, and Ecology


Ganter, P.F., Cardinali, G., Monia Giammariaand Quarles, B.. Correlations among measures of phenotypic and genetic variation within an oligotrophic asexual yeast, Candida sonorensis, collected from Opuntia ,


BA-Fisk University

Date Joined Staff: 1989

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