Dr. Michael T. Ivy


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 Department of Biological Sciences 
 College of Life & Physical Sciences

 Contact Information:
 Office Location: 316 Harned Hall 
 Telephone: 615-963-7796 
 FAX: 615-963-5747
 Email: mivy@tnstate.edu



B.A. – Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Ph.D. – University of Illinois - Chicago

Research Areas: Neuroscience, Cholinergic nervous system, Diabetes, Nephrology, protein trafficking, etc.

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BIO 4220-Endocrinology
BIO 4221-Endocrinology Laboratory
BIO 3200-Comparative Physiology
BIO 3201-Comparative Physiology Laboratory
BIO 4280-Pathophysiology
BIO 4281-Pathophysiology Laboratory
BIO 2220-Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2210-Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 8110-Dissertation Research
BIO 7320-Neurophysiology
BIO 7170-Topics in Molecular Genetics
BIO 6100-Frontiers in Molecular Science
BIO 6110-Individual Research – Biology
BIO 5140-Special Problems I



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