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Hui   Department of Biological Sciences
   College of Life & Physical Sciences

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M.Sc (Ag). – Yangzhou University, China
Ph.D. – University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Research Areas: Plant ecology, Ecosystem ecology, Global change ecology, Environmental sciences, etc.

Refereed journal Articles: 100
Books/Bulletins: 3

Most Significant Publications (last 5 years)


Deng, Q. Q. Zhang, X. Han, G. Chu, Q. Zhang*, D. Hui*. 2018. Changing rainfall frequency rather than drought rapidly alters annual soil respiration in a tropical forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 121: 8-15.

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Wang, J. Z. Sun, D. Hui, L. Yang, F. Wang, N. Liu, H. Ren. 2018. Responses of seedling performance to altered seasonal precipitation in a secondary tropical forest, southern China. Forest Ecology and Management 410: 27-34. doi: 10.1016/j.foreco.2017.12.035.

Du, Y., H. Han, Y. Wang, M. Zhong, D. Hui, S. Niu, S. Wan. 2018. Plant functional groups regulate soil respiration responses to nitrogen addition and mowing over a decade. Functional Ecology Doi:10.111/1365-2435.13045.

Li, J., C. Guo, S. Jian, Q. Deng, C. Yu, D. Dzantor, D. Hui. 2018. Nitrogen fertilization elevated spatial heterogeneity of soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in switchgrass and gamagrass croplands. Scientific Reports  8:1734

Zhou, W, W. Shen, Y. Li, D. Hui. 2017. Interactive effects of temperature and moisture on composition of the soil microbial community. European Journal of Soil Science doi:10.1111/ejss.12488.

Ru, J. Y. Zhou, D. Hui, M. Zheng, S. Wan. 2017. Shifts of precipitation peaks in growing seasons decrease soil respiration in a semidarid grassland. Global Change Biology doi:10.1111/gcb.12941.

Han, H., Y. Du, D. Hui, L, Jiang, M. Xing, S. Wan. 2017. Long-term antagonistic effects of increased precipitation and nitrogen addition on soil respiration in a semiarid steppe. Ecology and Evolution doi:10.1002/ece3.3536.

Deng, Q, D. Hui*, S. Dennis, K.C. Reddy. 2017. Responses of terrestrial ecosystem phosphorus cycling to nitrogen additions: a meta-analysis. Global Ecology and Biogeography  26:713-728. doi:10.111/geb.12576.

Luo, R., D. Hui, N. Miao, C. Liang, N. Wells. 2017. Global relationship of fire occurrence and fire intensity: a test of intermediate fire occurrence-intensity hypothesis. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 122:1123-1136.Doi: 10.1002/2016JG003722. 

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Yu, C-L, D. Hui*, Q. Deng, E.K. Dzantor, P.A. Fay, W. Shen, Y. Luo. 2017. Responses of switchgrass soil respiration and its components to precipitation gradient in a mesocosm study. Plant and Soil Doi: 10.1007/s11104-017-3370-2.

Deng, Q, D. Hui*, G. Chu, X. Han, Q. Zhang*. 2017. Rain-induced changes in soil CO2 flux and microbial community composition in a tropical forest of China. Scientific Reports 7(1): 10.1028/s41598-017-06345-2.

Zhou, W, J. He, D. Hui, W. Shen. 2017. Quantifying the short-term dynamics of soil organic carbon decomposition using a power function model. Ecological Processes  6:10 DOI:10.1186/s13717-017-0077-5.

Deng, Q, D. McMahon, Y. Xiang, CL Yu, R. Jackson*, and D. Hui*. 2017. A global meta-analysis of soil phosphorus dynamics after afforestation. New Phytologist  213: 181-192. doi:10.1111/nph.14119.

Miao, Y, H. Han, Q. Zhang, Y. Du, L. Jiang, D. Hui, S. Wan. 2017. Nonlinear responses of soil respiration to precipitation changes in a semiarid temperate steppe. Scientific Reports DOI:10.1038/srep45782.

Jiang, Y, X. Ding, D. Zhang, Q. Deng, C-L Yu, S. Zhou, D. Hui*. 2017. Soil salinity increases the tolerance of excessive sulfur fumigation stress in tomato plants. Environmental and Experimental Botany 133: 70-77.

Li, G., H. Han, Y. Du, D. Hui, Y. Xia, S. Niu, X. Li and S. Wan.2017. Effects of warming and increased precipitation on net ecosystem productivity: a long-term manipulative experiment in a semiarid grassland.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 232: 359-366.

Nwosisi, S., D. Nandwani, D. Hui, R. Ravi. 2017. Sensory evaluation of organic sweetpotato cultivars. International Journal of Vegetable Science  10.1080/19315260.2017.1346029 .

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Hui,D., M.A. Mayes, G. Wang. 2013. Kinetic parameters of phosphatase: a quantitative synthesis.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry 65: 105-113.

Biol 5190 Ecology
Biol 6110 Individual Studies
Biol 4120 Principles of Ecology 
Biol 3110 Biometrics
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