Dr. Venkataswarup Tiriveedhi

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  Department of Biological Sciences
  College of Life & Physical Sciences

  Contact Information:
  Office Location: 112-F McCord Hall
  Office Telephone: 615-963-5758
  Fax: 615-963-5747
  Email: vtirivee@tnstate.edu


MBA, Business - Tennessee State University
MD,  Medicine – Osmania Medical College, India
Ph.D., Biochemistry-The University of Southern Mississippi
PostDoc,  Molecular Biology – Johns Hopkins University
PostDoc,  Immunogenetics-Washington University School of Medicine

Research Interests: Role of cytokines in the development of inflammatory injury mediated carcinogenesis

Select Publications:
Amara, S., Lopez, K., Banan, B., Brown, S-K., Whalen, M., Myles, E., Ivy, M.T. , Johnson, T., Schey, K.L., and V. Tiriveedhi (2015) Synergistic effect of pro-inflammatory TNFa and IL-17 in periostin mediated collagen deposition:  Potential role in liver fibrosis.  Molecular Immunolology  64:  26-35.

Tiriveedhi, V., Tucker, N., Herndon, Lijin, L., Sturmoski, M., Ellis, M., Ma, C., Naughton, M., Lockhart, A. C., Gao, F., Fleming, T., Goedegebuure, P. and W. Gillanders (2014)  Safety and preliminary evidence of biologic efficacy of a mammaglobin-a DNA vaccine in patients with stable metastatic breast cancer.  Clin. Cancer Res. 20(23):  5964-75.

Platt, D., Amara, S., Mehta, T., Vercuyssee, K., Myles, E.L., Johnson, T. and V. Tiriveedhi (2014).  Violacein inhibits matrix metalloproteinase mediated CXCR4 expression:  Potential anti-tumor effect in cancer invasion and metastasis.  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 455: 105-112.

Soysal S.D., Muenst S., Kan-Mitchell J., Huarte E., Zhang X., Wilkinson-Ryan I., Fleming T., Tiriveedhi V, Mohanakumar T, Li L, Herndon J, Oertli D, Goedegebuure SP, and W.E. Gillanders (2014) Identification and translational validation of novel mammaglobin-A CD8 T cell epitopes.  Breast Cancer Res Treat.  147(3):527-37.

Baskaran, G., Tiriveedhi, V., Ramachandran S., Aloush, A., Grossman, B., Hachem, R., and T. Mohanakumar (2014)  Efficacy of extracorporeal photopheresis in clearance of antibodies to donor-specific and lung-specif antigens in lung transplant recipients.  J. Heart Lung Transplant.  33(9): 950-6. 

Sarma NJ , Tiriveedhi V, Crippin JS, Chapman WC, Mohanakumar T. (2014) Hepatitis C Virus Induced Changes in miRNA-107 and miRNA-449a Modulate CCL2 by Targeting IL6 Receptor Complex in Hepatitis. Journal of Virology (Accepted- Pudmed Id 24429361)

Angaswamy N, Klein C, Tiriveedhi V, Gaut J, Anwar S, Rossi A, Phelan D, Wellen JR, Shenoy S, Chapman WC, Mohanakumar T. (2014) Immune Responses to Collagen-IV and Fibronectin in Renal Transplant Recipients With Transplant Glomerulopathy. American Journal of Transplantation 2014 (Accepted-Pubmed Id: 24410875)

Tiriveedhi V , Upadhya G, Busch RA, Gunter KL, Dines JN, Knolhoff BL, Jia J, Sarma NJ, Ramachandran S, Anderson CD, Mohanakumar T, and Chapman WC. (2013) Protective role of bortezomib in steatotic liver ischemia/reperfusion injury through abrogation of MMP activation and YKL-40 expression. Transplant Immunology (Accepted-Pubmed Id: 24380732 ).

Tiriveedhi V , Banan B, Deepti S, Nataraju A, Hachem R, Trulock E, Alexander PG and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Role of defensins in the pathogenesis of chronic lung allograft rejection. Human Immunology (Accepted- Pubmed Id: 24380698).

Tiriveedhi V, Gautam B, Sarma NJ, Askar M, Budev M, Aloush A, Hachem R, Trulock E, Myers B, Patterson AG, and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Pre-transplant antibodies to Kα1 tubulin and collagen-V in lung transplantation: Clinical correlations. Journal of Heart Lung Transplantation 32(8):807-14.

Tiriveedhi V , Takenaka M, Sarma NJ, Gelman AE, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Anti-major histocompatibility complex-induced obliterative airway disease: Selective role for CD4 and CD8 T cells in inducing immune responses to self-antigens. Journal of Heart Lung Transplantation 32(7):714-22.

Angaswamy N*, Tiriveedhi V*, Sarma NJ, Subramanian V, Klein C, Wellen J, Shenoy S, Chapman WC and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Interplay between Immune responses to HLA and Non-HLA tissue restricted self-antigens in allograft rejection. Human Immunology 74(11):1478-85. *Co-first author on this article.

Angaswamy N*, Tiriveedhi V*, Banan B, Benshoff N, Chapman WC and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Synergism of a natural plant product, Oleanolic Acid with calcineurin inhibitor in prolonging islet allograft survival. Transplant Immunology 29(1-4): 64-70. *Co-first author on this article.

Sarma NJ , Tiriveedhi V, and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Detection of Antibodies to Self-Antigens (K-alpha 1 Tubulin, Collagen I, II, IV, and V, Myosin, and Vimentin) by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). Methods Molecular Biology 1034:335-341.

Tiriveedhi V , Fleming TP, Goedegebuure PS, Naughton M, Ma C, Lockhart C, Gao F, Gillanders WE, and T. Mohanakumar. (2013) Mammaglobin-A cDNA vaccination of breast cancer patients induces antigen-specific cytotoxic CD4+ICOShi T-cells. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 138(1):109-118.

Basha HI, Ramachandran S, Tiriveedhi V, Takenaka M, Nath DS, Benshoff N, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar. (2013) Critical role for IL-17A/F in the immunopathogenesis of obliterative airway disease induced by anti-MHC I antibodies. Transplantation 95(2):293-300.

Tiriveedhi V , Takenaka M, Ramachandran S, Gelman AE, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar. (2012) T Regulatory cells play a significant role in modulating the MHC Class I antibody Induced Obliterative Airway Disease. American Journal of Transplantation 12 (10): 2663-2674.

Tiriveedhi V , Gelman AE, and T Mohanakumar (2012) HIF-1α signaling by airway epithelial cell K-α1-tubulin: Role in fibrosis and chronic rejection of human lung allografts. Cellular Immunology273(1): 59-66.

Sarma NJ , Tiriveedhi V, Subramanian V,  Shenoy S, Crippin J, Chapman W, Mohanakumar T. (2012) Hepatitis C virus mediated changes in microRNA-449a modulate expression of the inflammatory biomarker YKL40 through components of the NOTCH Signaling Pathway. PLOSone 2012;7(11):e50826.

Sarma NJ , Tiriveedhi V, Ramachandran S, Crippin J, Chapman W, and Mohanakumar T. (2012) Modulation of immune responses following solid organ transplantation by microRNA. Exp Mol Pathol 93(3):378-85.

Tiriveedhi V , Sarma NJ, and T. Mohanakumar. (2012) An important role for autoimmunity in the immunopathogenesis of chronic allograft rejection. International Journal of Immunogenetics 39(5): 373-380.

Tiriveedhi V , Angaswamy N, Brand D, Weber J, Hacheem R, Aloush A, Phelan D, Trulock E, Meyers B, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar (2012) Epitope shift of collagen V leads to T-helper switch: Role in chronic lung allograft rejection. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 167(1): 158-168.

Tiriveedhi V , Sarma NJ, Subramanian V, Fleming TP, Gillanders WE, T Mohanakumar (2012) Identification of HLA-A24 restricted CD8+ Cytotoxic T-Cell Epitopes Derived from Mammaglobin-A, A Human Breast Cancer Associated Antigen . Human Immunology 73(1): 11-16.

Tiriveedhi V , Conzen KD, Liaw-Conlin J, Upadhya G, Malone J, Townsend RR, Kerns R, Jia J, Csontos K, Ramachandran S, Mohanakumar T, Anderson CD, and Chapman WC. (2012) The Role of Molecular Chaperonins In Warm Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury in the Steatotic Liver: A Proteomic Study. BMC Biochemistry 2012, 13(1):17 (1-9).

Takenaka M*, Tiriveedhi V*, Subramanian V, Hoshinaga K, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar. (2012) Antibodies to MHC Class II Molecules Induce Autoimmunity: Critical Role for Macrophages in the Immunopathogenesis of Obliterative Airway Disease. PLOS one 2012, 7(8):e42370 (1-11). *Co-first author on this article.

Weber J*, Tiriveedhi V*, Hacheem R, Trulock E, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar (2012) Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers cause Abrogation of Obliterative Airways Disease in murine model of lung allograft. Journal of Heart Lung Transplantation 31:419-426 . *Co-first author on this article.

Tiriveedhi V , Miller M, Butko P, and Li M. (2012) Autonomous S4 transmembrane segment of voltage sensor domain partitions into the hydrophobic core of the membrane. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta –Biomembranes1818(7): 1698-1705.

Sarma NJ , Tiriveedhi V, Angaswamy N, and T. Mohanakumar. (2012) Role of antibodies to self-antigens in chronic allograft rejection: potential mechanism and therapeutic implications. Human Immunology 73(12):1275-81.

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Takenaka M, Subramanian V, Tiriveedhi V, Phelan D, Hachem RR, Trulock E, Gelman AE, Patterson GA, and T Mohanakumar. (2012) Complement activation is not required for Obliterative Airway Disease induced by antibodies to MHC molecules : Implications for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome following human lung transplantation. Journal of Heart Lung Transplantation 31(11):1214-22.

Nataraju A , Fukami N, Tiriveedhi V, Cianciolo GJ, Chapman WC, and T Mohanakumar (2012) "LMP-420, A Small Molecular Inhibitor of TNF-α, Prolongs Islet Allograft Survival by Induction of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling-1: Synergistic Effect With Cyclosporin-A". Cell Transplantation 21(6):1285-96.

Basha HI*, Tiriveedhi V*, Fleming TP, Gillanders WE, Mohanakumar T. (2011) Identification of immunodominant HLA-B7-restricted CD8(+) cytotoxic T cell epitopes derived from mammaglobin-A expressed on human breast cancers. Breast Cancer Research &Treatment 127(1):81-9. *Co-first author on this article.

Tiriveedhi V , Kitchens KM, Nevels K, Ghandehari H, and Butko P. (2011) Kinetic analysis on the interaction of Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) Dendrimers with model lipid membrane. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes 1808(1):209-218.

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Tiriveedhi V , and Butko P. (2007) A fluorescence spectroscopy study on the Interactions of the TAT-PTD peptide with model lipid membranes. Biochemistry 46 (12), 3888 – 3895.

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