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Thank you for your interest in the Tennessee State Aristocrat of Bands Sophisticated Ladies Dance Line! We are excited that you are considering our team, whether you are a current student, transfer student or beginning your college search. This packet contains information about our team and our tryout process.

The Aristocrat of Bands Sophisticated Ladies Band Dance Line is a collegiate dance team program that is “on the rise” and has begun to generate a great deal of recognition.  We are proud to represent Tennessee State University at home/away basketball and football games, intercollegiate competitions, Bands of America, Honda Battle of the Bands, on-campus events, as well as in the community. The members of our team pride themselves on passion, dedication, and heart for our team, our university and dance.  If you love to dance, are dedicated and motivated, and want to be part of a TEAM in every sense of the word, the Sophisticated Ladies Band Dance Line is a tremendous opportunity available to you during your college years.  

**IMPORTANT: In order to audition, you must provide proof of admission to Tennessee State University for the upcoming fall semester and be able to demonstrate your acceptance to the University via acceptance letter/housing form.

All forms must be received at the start of the tryout clinic in order to participate. While it is not necessary to mail the forms in prior to the tryout, the paperwork needs to be completed upon arrival to the first workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are included in tryouts for the Sophisticated Ladies?

Dancers auditioning for our team perform a set of technical skills as part of the tryout. The skill list includes: double and triple pirouettes, leaps on the right and left (split leaps, leaps in second, and switch leaps); fouette turns, fouette turns a la seconde, calypso, C jump, and toe-touch. Other dance skills may be changed or added. We will detail and review skills at the clinic.

Can I tryout more than once?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of times you can tryout for our team.

How many spots are there on the dance line?

As we are a growing program, we do not have a set number of dancers. We set our team based upon audition score breaks. The number of new members each year will depend upon graduating seniors and overall talent level of the audition pool. Our team usually ranges between 15 and 18 dancers, but could be larger or smaller.

Does the Dance Line hold clinics and give technique classes?

Yes. We offer a technique clinic once a month prior to the tryout process to help prepare perspective members for the audition. You can sign up in the band office located in the Performing Arts Center.

Schedule and Expectations


During the academic year, we will typically practice 4-5 days per week for 2-4 hours. Practices begin the first week of classes and end January. Practices increase and may be held on weekends in the time before major national events the band may be invited to attend, working with our choreographer, trainer etc. The team is required to return early to campus in July/August for band camp and remain on campus until school starts. The team also maintains a required conditioning program with our trainer 4 days per week.

Football Season:

We perform at all home and away football games (in addition to practices and other special performances during the fall and spring semester). Football game season typically begins the first week in September.


University classes and class related functions are considered the only excused absences from practice. Attendance is mandatory for all band and team functions.

Academic Expectations:

The Aristocrat of Bands believes that academics come first. Other than classes, the Dance Team is expected to be the first priority of every member (i.e. over jobs or other extra-curricular activities). All Dance Team members must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be part of the team.

Approximate Monetary Costs/Fundraising:

The Sophisticated Ladies Dance Line is funded by the Aristocrat of Bands. Although there are some out of pocket expenses each member is responsible for i.e. shoes, boots, warmup, shorts, shirts, bag, sweatshirts, etc. These payments are due at the beginning of the season to cover all team apparel.

What are we looking for?

Talent, Potential, Dedication, Enthusiasm, positive attitudes and HEART! We look forward to seeing you at our auditions and creating another amazing team!