2010-2015 SAFRA Activities

Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act

Retention and Student Success- Dr. John Cade; Dr. Sessi Aboh – The Retention and Student Success project’s mission is to provide a centralized and integrated center with high expectations for all students, with an emphasis on freshman academic readiness skills to persist and graduate from the institution within six years or less. The Retention and Student success project will give Tennessee State University students a learning environment center with caring staff that inspire our students to make positive life choices by making academics a priority and by attending classes daily and utilizing resources to obtain success in the classroom.

Academic Success Program –Ashanti Chunn – The Academic Success Program in partnership with the University’s College of Arts and Sciences will support 120 students with fewer than 90 semester hours and high school grade point average and/or ACT scores that indicate a deficiency or lack of readiness for academic success. The goal of this program is to graduate all of these students within six years of their initial enrollment.

Strengthening Undergraduate Programs via the TSU Transfer Center – Dr. Evelyn Nettles; Dr. Sharon Peters – Given the focus of the Tennessee Complete College Act on community college transfer, it is incumbent upon Tennessee State University to develop methodologies which will attract, support, and retain larger numbers of transfer students. As a result, TSU Transfer Center is established with the specific aim of improving access to university services and increasing efficiency and timeliness of transfer credit evaluation.

Using Technology in the Classroom in Mathematics Courses – Dr. Mozhgan Mirani – This project is intended to improve retention and graduate efforts while developing new models for working with students in the STEM areas. It is anticipated that, by incorporating audio/video technology into the classroom and making class lectures available to students in on-ground and online courses, students will be more successful in the general math education courses as indicated by an increase in the number of students passing departmental final exams annually.

Webwork: Increasing Success of Mathematics Courses at TSU – Dr. Patricio Jara – The goal of this project is a model of individualized online homework delivery system for all general education courses in Mathematics as well as Applied Mathematics courses currently offered by the Physics and Mathematics Department. The main objective is to increase success of students taking those courses in order to increase the number of students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at Tennessee State University.

Operation Outreach: To Increase Enrollment of Underrepresented Student Population – Dr. Jewel Winn – The Operation Outreach’s mission is to increase enrollment in a diverse student population from all backgrounds. The aim is to attract a diverse student population from all ethnic backgrounds that includes first generation and underrepresented students.

Program Administration – Dr. Pamela Burch-Sims – Responsible for programmatic operations and fiscal management of funding for Tennessee State University.








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