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Click on the link below.  Save the document to your desktop or other specified location.  After completing the document, email completed document accordingly. Please submit your report according to the following:

Student Success Consortium – Dr. Sessi Aboh (saboh@tnstate.edu)

Academic Collaborative – Ms. Marjorie Seward (mseward@tnstate.edu)
College of Business  (Dr. Retta Guy)
College of Education  (Dr. Judith Presley)
College of Engineering  (Dr. Keith Hargrove)
College of Liberal Arts  (Dr. Joe Dark)
Division of Nursing  (Dr. Kathy Martin)

Academic Quality – Ms. Marjorie Seward (mseward@tnstate.edu)
QEP WRITE Program  (Dr. Samantha Morgan-Curtis)
Planning and Assessment  (Dr. Peter Nwosu)
Service Learning  (Dr. Linda Guthrie)
Library  (Dr. Murle Kenerson)

HBGI – Dr. Andrea Tyler (atyler2@tnstate.edu)

SAFRA – Dr. Sessi Aboh (saboh@tnstate.edu)

Your completed form DOES NOT automatically submit itself.  You must email your completed form upon completion.

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