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Office of Title III Program Administration

Dr. Pamela Burch-Sims, Director, Phone: 615-963-7043, E-mail: 

Ms. Marjorie Seward, Associate Director/HBCU Project Coordinator, Phone: 615-963-7063, E-mail:

Mr. Patrick Granberry, Research/Technology Associate/Contracts/Travel Coordinator, Phone: 615-963-7061, E-mail:

Ms. Stacie Wade, Financial Analyst III/Financial Manager, Phone: 615-963-7040, E-mail: 

Dr. Sessi S.F. Aboh, Director, SAFRA Retention and Student Success, Phone: 615-963-4969,  E-mail:

Dr. Andrea L. Tyler, Director of Graduate STEM Student Services, Phone: 615-963-7353, E-mail: 

Tammy Taylor, Grant Project Specialist, Phone: 615-963-7031, E-mail:

Daiyana Falcon, Grant Project Specialist, 615-963-7050, E-mail:  

Dollie Hodges, Office Manager, 615-963-7325, E-mail:




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