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Title III Professional Development Webinar Series Presents 

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On-demand – Title III (Magna 20-minute Mentors) – “Tools for Your Classroom”
E-mail cburton5@tnstate.edu to schedule a viewing at your convenience.

 Session 1: Teaching Strategies I (60 minutes)
1. Should I Take Attendance?
2. How Can I Learn Student Names?
3. How Do I Assign Students to Groups?

Session 2: Teaching Strategies II (60 minutes)
1. How Do I Get Students to Read Their Assignments Before Class?
2. How Do I Use VoiceThread for Online Student Discussions?
3. How Can I Use Voice Feedback to Improve Student Learning?

 Session 3: Assessment (Evaluating Student Performance) (60 minutes)
1. How Should I Respond to Wrong (or Not Very Good) Answers?
2. What Are My Multiple Choice Test Results Telling Me? (Improving the Use of Multiple-choice questions)
3. What Are My Rubric Results Telling Me? (Developing Effective Rubrics)

Session 4: Planning (60 minutes)
1. How Can I Clarify Fuzzy Learning Goals?
2. What Can I Learn From Student Ratings?
3. Learner-Centered Teaching—Where Should I Start?

Session 5: Innovative Learning Strategies (60 minutes)
1. How Flexible Should I Be With Non-Traditional Students?
2. How Can I Promote Deep, Lasting Student Learning?
3. Teaching Un Prepared Students: Strategies that Work

Session 6: 10 Ways to Engage Your Students on the First Day of Class (90 minutes)

Session 7: Designing and Teaching a High-Impact Capstone Course (60 minutes)

Session 8: Academic Advising (60 minutes) 
1. Companion Materials: An Academic Advising Professional Development Series
2. Scenes for Learning and Reflection: An Academic Advising Professional Development Series

Magna Tools For Your Classroom

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