2014-2019 Graduate Activities

Strengthening Historically Black Graduate Institutions

Preparing Our Tomorrow Uniquely in STEM (POTUS) Fellowship – Andrea Tyler , Ph.D. -The Preparing Our Tomorrow Uniquely in STEM (POTUS) Fellowship emphasizes preparation, matriculation, and completion of doctoral-level Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs at Tennessee State University. The Fellowship attempts to address the global need to increase African American representation in the STEM disciplines. The program uses best practices that have been effective in supporting the success of African American doctoral students in STEM. The POTUS Fellowship supports the following disciplines: Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Physical Therapy.

Please click on the link for more information about the POTUS Fellowship, its current activities, and the application process.

Optimizing Information Technology Services - G Pamela Burch-Sims, Ph.D. and Timothy Warren - This project is designed to stabilize the Institution’s Information Technology infrastructure by increasing the Institution’s efficiencies and providing seamless integration of information processing across all departments through a centralized information technology system. This will enable the university to optimize existing processes and tailor the system functionality to complement them. The goal of optimizing information technology services is to provide better business intelligence, streamline business operations, reduce cost, enhance collaborations, and ultimately improve technological services for enhanced teaching and learning opportunities for students and faculty.

HBGI Program Administration - G. Pamela Burch-Sims , Ph.D. - The Title III Program Administration Office is responsible for programmatic operations and fiscal management of the HBGI award. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, authorization of expenditure and disbursements of federal Title III. In that capacity, the staff reviews all requests to assure that they are allowable, allocable, and reasonable.

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