Music Faculty and Staff

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The Music Faculty is made up of over seventy full- and part-time instructors, each of whom is a specialist within a particular area of music. The Department also makes extensive use of the abundant commercial music resources found in Nashville, one of the recording and music industry capitals of the world.

All music offices are located in the Performing Arts Center unless otherwise indicated.

Adrian Barnett, Saxophone, Arranging
Jeff Beckman, Instrumental Music Education, Music Residency I
Emily Bowland, Clarinet
Roderic Bronaugh, Voice, Director of Community Academy of Music & Arts,
      Gospel Choir, Music Appreciation
Cristian Codreanu, French Horn, Music Appreciation
Dr. Mark Crawford, Coordinator of Commercial Music, Music Business
William Crimm, Voice, Music Appreciation
Marty Crum, Guitar, Music Appreciation
Patrick Dailey, Voice, Music Appreciation
Dr. Sean Daniels, Percussion , Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Combo
Thomas Davis, Music Appreciation, Junior/Senior Recital
Victor Davis, Music Appreciation, Vocal Music Education, University Choir
Paul Deyo, Trumpet
Veronica Edwards Douglas, Piano
Joseph Doyle, Songwriting, Music Appreciation
Dr. Robert Elliott, Department Head, Music Appreciation, Thesis 
Deidre Emerson, Cello, TSU Orchestra Director
William "Tiger" Fitzhugh, Guitar, Music Appreciation
Kerry Frazier, Music Appreciation
Patricia Gunter, Bassoon, Music Appreciation
Dr. Olga Harris, Music Composition
Tamica Harris, Voice, Music Appreciation
Chip Henderson, Commercial Guitar, Music Appreciation
Randy Hunt, String Bass/Electric Bass
Larry Jenkins, Assistant Band Director, Instrumental, Music Education, Music Appreciation
Jessica Johnson, Piano
Maxine Jones, Piano, Music Appreciation
Dr. Susan Kelly, Choir Director, Choral Music Education
Ken Landers, Live Sound Reinforcement
Gregg Lohman, Percussion
Jason Luntz, Entrepreneurship in the Arts
Pamela McCoy, Music Appreciation
Dr. Reginald McDonald, Coordinator of Instrumental Music, Director of Bands, Music Education
Leonard Morton, Commercial Music Ensemble
Dr. D arryl Nettles, Coordinator of Vocal Music, Voice, Music Theory
Stefan Petrescu, Violin, Viola
Dr. Ljerka Rasmussen, Music History, Ethnomusicology, Music Appreciation
Dr. Patricia Reeves, Coordinator of Music Education, General Music Education, Music Appreciation
Thomas Spann, Percussion
Phyllis Sparks, Harp, piano, flute
James Sexton, Orchestration, Jazz Ensemble
Robert Shankle, Oboe, Saxophone
Jeffrey Tackett, Commercial Music, Music Technology
Dr. Kadir Tolga Tem, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music for Video Game
Dr. Richard Todd, Classical Guitar, Music Theory
Dr. Joseph Van Dyke, Piano
Christopher Vivio, Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone
Scott Willis, Voice Instructor

Iyesha Rose, Administrative Assistant, Music Department Office
Valda Troupe, Administrative Assistant, Music Department Office
Michelle Allen, Office Manager, Band Office
Melva Townsend, Administrative Assistant, Band Office
James Pitts, Instrument Repair Technician
Herb Dady, Piano Repair Technician