Scholarships are an excellent way to assist in funding your education. Many scholarships are one-time only, so plan on continuing your research for scholarships each year. Scholarships are based on a student's:

  • academic performance,
  • community service,
  • residency
  • and other criteria as defined by the founder or donor of the scholarship.

Scholarships are applied equally between the fall and spring semesters, unless written notification from the donor is received to apply differently. The majority of Tennessee State University and Foundation scholarships can be applied for using the  online scholarship application .

University and Foundation Scholarships

Apply early to receive priority consideration for University and Foundation scholarships. You may browse the  online scholarship catalog  for available scholarships. University scholarship applications are available October 1st each year for the upcoming academic year. Be sure to complete the online scholarship application early, answering all questions and submitting required documentation if applicable.  APPLY NOW  to begin your 2017-2018 (Fall 2017, Spring 2018) TSU Scholarship Application process. * Students must be admitted to the University to complete the online scholarship application.  All scholarships are competitive.

Scholarships from TSU Colleges and Departments

Many of TSU's colleges and academic departments offer scholarships for perspective and continuing students who have met academic requirements for their respective majors. For more information, look up the college of your academic interest for eligibility criteria and deadlines. All scholarships are competitive.

Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you are admitted to Tennessee State University before filling out the application.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the upcoming academic year. (School Code: 003522)
  3. Apply using the online application by signing in with your "myTSU" username and password.
  4. Complete the general application first to be automatically considered for scholarships.
  5. You will be presented with recommended scholarships based on the answers you entered on the general application.
  6. Review the recommended scholarships and apply for those to which you believe you are qualified.
  7. Click the "Applications" tab to review the scholarships for which you have applied. 
  8. Periodically revisit this tab to see if you have been matched to any more scholarships.
  9. Applicants selected as recipients will be notified of their scholarship award through their "myTSU" email.
  10. ***Avoid Scholarship Scams***

APPLY NOW to begin your 2017-2018 TSU Scholarship Application process. * Students must be admitted to TSU to complete the online scholarship application. For questions about scholarships, you may email

Institutional Scholarship Appeal Form :  Scholarship Recipients who have completed their first year and did not meet retention requirements may appeal. You may click here for the appeal form.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

   Lottery Scholarships            TN Promise Scholarship           Gates Millennium Scholarship

American Indian Graduate Scholarship              Army Nurse Scholarship             Thurgood Marshall Scholarship

Crystal Green Memorial Scholarship              Hispanic Scholarship Fund       Tom Joyner Foundation Scholarships