Financial Aid Forms

 General Forms

Budget Increase Form - This form can be used by students who have met the cost of attendance and have substantial financial reasons for requesting an increase to their cost of attendance.  NOTE: requesting a budget increase DOES NOT mean that there are additional funds available.  This form is only applicable to students who HAVE NOT been able to utilize all of their available aid due to reaching cost of attendance.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form - If your satisfactory academic progress was not meeting institutional requirements at the last measurement, you must complete this form and return with supporting documentation by the published deadline.

Loan Forms

Parent PLUS Loan Update Form (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020) - Direct Lending Parent PLUS Loan Request Update Form (Must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office).

Special Graduate Form - please notice the change in this form and the requirements that must be met in order to receive financial aid as a special graduate.  Students who are classified as special graduates because they are pending test scores or other documentation to be fully admitted to a graduate program ARE NOT eligible for financial aid.  Courses listed on this form MUST be either for teacher certification on the graduate level or courses that are required for ENTRY into the program - not courses actually required for the program. 

Verification Forms

Verification and Missing Requirements

You may satisfy your outstanding verification requirements by logging into your "myTSU" account. You will need your "myTSU" username/password to complete and submit the online forms.   You may click the Help button below for the Online Form Tutorial.


2019-2020 Verification Forms

Special Consideration Form - This form is to be completed only if a significant change in your family circumstances occurs. For example, loss of parent/student/spouse's income, separation or divorce of student/parents, death of parent/spouse. (Supporting documentation is required.)

Unusual Enrollment History Form  - This form will be completed by students who have been selected by the U.S. Department of Education as having an unusual enrollment pattern while receiving federal student aid.

Verification of Identity Form - If you have been selected for verification of identity and statement of educational purpose and are unable to appear in person, you  must  have this form completed by a notary.

Lottery Scholarship Forms

Statement of Understanding Form (Lottery Scholarship) - To help our students understand the basic rules of the Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarship, we have developed a list of several important items that you will need to know. Please complete this form and return it the Office of Financial Aid.

TELS Consortium Form (Lottery Scholarship) - This form applies to TELS scholarship students who decides to enroll simultaneously at two eligible postsecondary institutions or during the summer semester at another eligible postsecondary institution.

TELS Repeat Course Form (Lottery Scholarship) - This form applies to TELS scholarship students who wish to utilize the one-time option to repeat one course for purposes of determining continued eligibility.

FA Status

Verification Instructions:

1. Review your "myTSU" email for any communications from the Financial Aid office.

2. Log into your "myTSU" account, click on 'Banner Services' click the Financial Aid' tab, click 'Financial Aid Status', Select  Aid Year, Click "Unsatisfied Requirements."

3. Students selected for Verification will have the required information listed as "Unsatisfied Requirements" on "myTSU."

4. Click   Help  For Online Document Submission.

*REMINDER: Tax Filers must verify their income by completing the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when completing the FAFSA or submitting an IRS Tax Return Transcript.  

Need an IRS Tax Transcript:

IRS Tax Transcript

You can fax forms to our office to:  (615) 963-7540.
Please include F
irst name ,  Last name  and  T#  on all documentation.


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