Dr. Ljerka Rasmussen

Music History, Ethnomusicology

Ljerka V. Rasmussen, Adjunct Professor of Music, teaches courses in music history and world music. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University, and a B.A. in Ethnomusicology (Music History) from the University of Sarajevo. Her research concerns the musical traditions of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She has presented papers at scholarly conferences in Austria, France, Hungary, Canada, and the United States, addressing issues of identity, political transitions, and emergent transnational forms of popular music

Publications include invited contributions to edited volumes Balkan Popular Culture and the Ottoman Ecumene: Music, Image, and Regional Political Discourse (Scarecrow Press), Retuning Culture: Musical Changes in Central and Eastern Europe (Duke University Press), Echo der Vielfalt – Echoes of Diversity (Böhlau Verlag), and Newly Composed Folk Music of Yugoslavia, the flagship volume in the Routledge series “Current Research in Ethnomusicology: Outstanding Dissertations” (2002). Journalistic work includes interviews with Louie Bellson (Radio Sarajevo), Guy Clark (Radio Slovenia 2), and La Monte Young (Ear: New Music News). From 2003-2005 she held the position of Musicologist for Naxos label, helping the development of its pioneering digital music service, NaxosMusicLibrary.com.

Rasmussen has been on the faculty of Tennessee Tech, Middle Tennessee State and Vanderbilt Universities.

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