Public Service Research Brown Bag Series

2018-2019: 5th Annual Series

Please join us to learn and and to support the scholarly efforts of faculty and students in the College of Public Service.  These informal brown-bag seminars are a great chance to get new ideas, meet new collaborators, and enjoy collegial time together.  Bring your lunch!

In the table below, AWC refers to Avon Williams Campus (TSU's downtown campus at 10th Ave. N and Charlotte Ave/MLK, Jr. Ave).

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Archive of past series

Fall talks  Spring talks


Friday, Oct. 26, 2018  12pm - 1pm   | Training Room 2, AWC

|| Dr. Jay Hedgpeth (Social Work) and Ms. Jerisha Caudle (MSW student) || "Interprofessional Education: Dismas House Needs Assessment"


Friday, Nov. 30, 2018  12pm - 1pm  | Training Room 2, AWC

|| Dr. Doug Ihrke, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (bio), hosted by Dr. Kimberly Triplett (Urban Studies) || "Perceptions of Wisconsin City Council Members as to Public Health Problems in Their Communities and their Thoughts on the Capacity of the Public and Nonprofit Sectors to Deal with Those Problems"

DECEMBER | No brown bag seminar
JANUARY | No brown bag seminar


Friday, February 1, 2019 12pm - 1pm  | Training Room 1, AWC

|| BSSW students from Dr. Cynthia George's (Social Work) Social Welfare Policy course || Panel Presentation: “Social movements Analyzed using Blumer's Four-Stage Model”


Friday, February 15 12pm - 1pm  | Training Room 1, AWC

|| Dr. Ken Chilton (Public Administration) || “Racial Transition & Gentrification in Chattanooga


Friday, March 1, 2019 12pm - 1pm  |  Training Room 2, AWC

|| TSU@ASPA Preview: Drs. Cara Robinson (Urban Studies) and Anthony Campbell (Public Administration) along with PA doctoral students Adam Blair, Amy Owen and Allen Staley will share the research presentations they are preparing for the national ASPA conference in Washington DC the following week.

    • Advocating for Transit Infrastructure: A 10-city investigation of how advocacy networks impact infrastructure development and policy  || J. Allen Staley, Doctoral Student, Tennessee State University
    • Pedestrian Infrastructure as Politics and Policy: A Qualitative Analysis of how Local Governments Conceptualize Pedestrian Spaces  || Anthony Campbell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Tennessee State University, Cara Robinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Tennessee State University, Adam Blair, MRP, Doctoral Student, Tennessee State University
    • Applying Public Administration Role Perception Frameworks to K-12 Public Education || Amy Owen, Doctoral Student, Tennessee State University

Friday, March 29, 2019 12pm - 1pm  |  Training Room 1, AWC

|| Dr. Ali Winters (Social Work) || "Ethical Conflicts of Working on the Issue of Solitary Confinement"


Friday, April  19, 2019 12pm - 1pm  |  Training Room 1, AWC

|| Dr. Angela Nichols-Paez (Public Administration) || "Exploring How Hostile State Legal Contexts Influence Latinos and Minorities’ Decision to Vote"

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