Study Abroad


What types of study abroad programs are available at TSU?
Studying abroad isn’t just taking a trip. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world and gain resume-building experience while earning college credits. And with programs lasting as few as two weeks and financial aid available, it is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

  • Study-abroad programs last roughly one to six weeks, include 6-20 students and are led by TSU faculty members. You can usually earn three TSU credit-hours in these programs.


  • Exchange programs last a semester or a full academic year. You will study at a partner institution, earning at least 12 TSU credit-hours. Rather than traveling with a group of TSU students and faculty, you will travel independently, immersing yourself in the academic experience and host country’s culture.


  • Consortium programs are study-abroad programs organized and shared by several institutions. If you choose to take part in a consortium program, you will travel with students and faculty from other universities and earn TSU credit-hours.


Is there funding (grants or scholarships) available to support my study abroad selection?
Numerous scholarships are available to students wishing to study abroad. Additionally, students may be able to use their financial aid while studying abroad. To find out if aid can be used while studying abroad, a student may contact any counselor in the TSU Financial Aid Office.

The following list includes but is not limited to information on existing aid and will assist the students in finding other sources.

  • TSU’s Study Abroad Grant
  • Program-specific scholarships
  • TSU Financial Aid
  • Gilman scholarship
  • Boren scholarship
  • Fulbright, and other International competitive undergraduate opportunities
  • Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)
  • Diversity Study Abroad Scholarships
  • General Search Engine for Study Abroad Funding Opportunities


A. TSU’s Study Abroad Grant:
This grant is available to qualified full-time and degree seeking TSU students. The grant award is half of the program fee with a $3,000 limit for approved individual student study abroad programs.   This grant award application opens in September and closes in December of the Fall semester prior to the next calendar year’s summer execution. Example:   For travel during the summer of 2014, grant applications will be accepted from September 2013 – December 2013.  

B. Program-specific scholarships
There are various programs offered through the Office of Diversity and International Education (ODIA), many of which have their own unique scholarships to help students with expenses abroad. The following websites provide information on possible opportunities and procedures for applying.



GlobaLinks (AustraLearn, AsiaLearn, EuroLearn):

(Click on Study Abroad, then Scholarships)


C. TSU Financial Aid
It is advisable to search out all scholarship opportunities before using federal loans, however many students take out loans as a safety net in case problems arise abroad. Students may be able to use their financial aid while studying abroad. The TSU Financial Aid Office can counsel students on availability of funding.

D. Gilman scholarship:
This scholarship is awarded to U.S. citizens that are recipients of Pell Grants. The length of study has a minimum of four weeks; students who have never been abroad before and are traveling to non-Western European nations are the most competitive. The application form and current deadlines can be found at www.iie.org/en/programs/gilman-scholarship-program .

E. Boren scholarship:
NSEP (National Security Education program) will award students up to $10,000 for undergraduate students studying in non-traditional (non-Western European) areas. This is a competitive scholarship; application can be found at http://www.borenawards.org/ .

F. Fulbright, and other International competitive undergraduate opportunities:

G. Fund for Education Abroad (FEA):
Scholarships, of up to $5000 are intended to support students planning to participate in a high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs of 4-weeks or longer.

H. Diversity Study Abroad Scholarships:
Diversity Abroad partners with dozens of study abroad organizations. Several of these organizations offer diversity study abroad scholarships.

I. General Search Engine for Study Abroad Funding Opportunities:
This valuable funding resource allows students to search by country or subject to find study abroad funding information. It is a comprehensive database of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, and grants can help make any student’s dream of studying abroad a financial possibility and a profound reality.


What should be my next step if I am interested in study abroad opportunities?
Contact the Director of International Education, Mark Brinkley at 615-963-7660 or mbrinkley1@tnstate.edu .


Come by the Office of Diversity and International Affairs office located in Crouch Hall –Room 106.