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Our Mission is to provide exceptional event management services to our Affiliates and Non-Affiliates and to build trust, respect, and integrity as we maximize our resources to offer the best experience for our clients’ use of the facilities to host (various events) meetings, conferences, social events, summer camps and programs.

The Office of Events Management & Conference Services (EM&CS) goal is to ensure that every event held on Tennessee State University’s campus reflects positively on the university community and meets the highest standards possible.

This office serves as a resource for university faculty, staff, and students to assist with the scheduling of various spaces, meals and lodging as needed.  Events Management & Conference Services will ensure that all Affiliates and Non-Affiliates requesting space on campus will follow the procedures and protocol to ensure that our campus community and guests have the best experience possible when attending an event at the university

The Events Management & Conference Services office is charged with the responsibility of establishing and implementing policies and procedures for managing all aspects of facilities use by Affiliates and Non-Affiliates.  In order to support the University’s efforts to streamline how campus facilities are used, the Office is structured to serve as a one stop shop and provide  guidelines for management and control of the day-to-day operations of university space usage and events and activities held on various university properties.

EM&CS is dedicated to strengthening the Tennessee State University community by providing comprehensive event management services, facilitating the effective and efficient year-round use of university resources, and cultivating lasting relationships with clients, partners and service providers.

All requests to use campus facilities are required to be scheduled thorough the Campus Building and Management System (CBMS), which is located on the Tennessee State University website, Events Management & Conference Services page    

The Campus and Building Management System (CBMS) is designed to allow request and to reserve space, determine if space is available, and provide a description and functionality of campus spaces.  Space for events is reviewed to ensure university décor is maintained.

Affiliates/Non-Affiliates may also contact Events Management and Conference Services directly at (615) 963-5797, or email the department at


Instructions for access and new employees request see information sent previous:


Due to the system updates/features, please review the following changes on how to submit a space reservation request for Spring, 2021.

When logging into the EMS/CBMS-Classroom Building and Maintenance System Web:

  • Click on the I’ve forgotten my password link and reset your password
  • Use your complete email address as your username and enter your new password
  • If you have problems logging into the system after the password change, please contact the office at for assistance.

EMS Desktop clients , Buildings Managers and approvers: (Athletics, Admissions Office, Student Activities, Facilities Management, Parking and Campus Police) please contact Events Management at   for updated instructions on accessing the new features.

New employees who would like to access the EMS/CBMS reservation system to request space on campus.

  • A department representative must email the information below to The new employee will be added to the department and/or group and given instruction on how to submit a request.

Employee Name

Department/Group/Student Organization Advisor

Office Phone Number 

TSU Email Address


All requests to reserve event space on campus must be submitted through the Virtual (CBMS) system. We encouraged you to submit your request at least 10 business days in advance in order to receive a confirmation in a timely manner.


Please send your prospective dates and locations that your interested in booking along with Contact Person Name, Organization Name, Address, Phone Number and email to in to have an account set-up for you in order to receive a quote.


  • Individual or Group is identified as a university department;
  • Individual or Group is an employee or registered student organization;
  • University does not receives payment for resources or services from a department or student organization to host the program or activity; or
  • Are not charged a fee to participate and revenues generated from the program or activity are not routed to a non-university account.


  • Individual or Group is identified as a business, including but not limited to a 501(C);
  • Individual or Group does not hold a university organization code;
  • Individual or Group is not an employee or registered student of the university;
  • Program or activity is identified by or references an external organization exclusively;
  • University receives payment for resources or services from an external individual or organization to host the program or activity; or
  • Charges a fee to participate and revenues generated from the program or activity are routed to a non-university account.


  • Any Tennessee State University department, or university employee co-sponsoring/collaborating with an external group to host an event/activity on campus.

Event Manager/Staff.

  • The individual responsible for communicating with the event contact for internal and external events on behalf of the Office of Event Management and Conference Services. The individual responsible for planning, organizing, communicating and coordinating the physical requirements and service needs of a particular event and is responsible for facilitating requests such as, but not limited to: set-up, furniture needs, technical needs, and catering needs.


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