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The Annual Fund is the most vital support that Tennessee State University can receive because it touches every area of the institution. The Annual Fund provides an essential source of unrestricted gifts which allow the University to respond to unanticipated opportunities and needs. Most importantly, your gift makes an immediate impact by supporting student scholarships, enhancing academic programs and retaining talented faculty and staff.

Success of the Annual Fund depends upon the loyalty and generosity of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Your participation is our number one goal. A high participation rate serves as a catalyst for the University to secure major contributions from corporations, charitable foundations and major donors.

Fund raising is essential to expanding our services and support to our students. Helping our students afford a viable education is our responsibility. Your unrestricted contribution to the Annual Fund makes an already affordable education even more attainable.

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Senior Mariah Rhodes, Political Science Major 

Mariah Rhodes always wanted to be a “change agent,” to fight the injustices she saw growing up in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. And Tennessee State University is giving her the opportunity to make a difference. Click here to learn more about Mariah. 

Mariah Rhodes