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Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology (M.S.)

Providing a Solid Psychological Core

The curriculum is designed for students seeking preparation for a career in various types of mental health settings and related organizations, or for students planning to pursue a Ph.D.. The primary goal is to provide a solid psychological core with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, health, and educational issues across the life span. Recognizing the value of both practice and research, the Counseling Concentration offers two options:  thesis or non-thesis. Program Brochure

Admission Requirements 

Admission requires an undergraduate major in psychology or related field. Undergraduate study should include one course in general psychology, elementary statistics, research methods, abnormal psychology, physiological psychology, social psychology and developmental psychology. The minimum acceptable admission requirements are a 2.5 or higher GPA and completion of pre-requisite courses for unconditional admission. Conditional admission is offered for GPA below 2.5 and fewer than the total number of prerequisite courses.

In addition, the student should submit in duplicate ALL of the following information in a single envelope directly to the Graduate School:

1.      Three (3) letters of recommendation - one of which should be from an academic advisor or his or her designee.

2.      A letter of aspiration (personal statement) indicating why the applicant has chosen to pursue a degree in this area along with his or her academic and career goals.

3.      A copy of all undergraduate transcripts should also be submitted with the application.

4.    Results of either the Graduate Record Exam or Millers Analogies Test

5.      Once the above criteria have been met, the Coordinator of the program will contact the applicant and arrange an interview with the members of the Graduate Admissions Committee prior to final recommendation for admission to the program. 

All application materials including the letters of recommendation and aspiration must be received by the Graduate School by February 1 for admission for the following Fall semester.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of four semesters and a summer term of residential study are required to complete the program within a two year period. The Thesis Option requires fifty-three (53) semester hours

of approved course work. The Non-Thesis Option requires fifty-eight (58) semester hours of approved course work.

Thesis Option

This option is appropriate for students planning to pursue a Ph.D.. The candidate must submit a thesis on a topic approved by the thesis advisor. A minimum of fifty-three (53) semester hours of approved course work is required.

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis option is for students who choose to focus on training in the practice aspects of psychology. Students who select the non-thesis option will be required to take a minimum of

58 hours of course work (including 6 hours of electives above the core requirements) and a Comprehensive Examination. The Comprehensive Examination is a written examination which

must be completed during the semester of graduation.


Required Core Courses 52 Hours (Thesis and Non-thesis)

PSYC 5030     Biological Bases of Behavior                                                3

PSYC 5040     Statistics & Methodology                                                    3

PSYC 5060     Cognitive/Affective Bases of Behavior                                  3

PSYC 5070     Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling Psychology       3

PSYC 5100     Counseling and Interviewing Skills                                      2

PSYC 5135     Abnormal Psychology                                                        3

PSYC 5136     Theories of Personality                                                     3

PSYC 5140     Statistics & Computer Applications                                     3

PSYC 5170     Counseling Theory                                                           3

PSYC 5200     Advanced Counseling & Interviewing Skills                          2

PSYC 5270     Vocational Theory & Testing                                              3

PSYC 5530     Psychometrics                                                                 3

PSYC 5630     Child and Adolescent Development                                    3

PSYC 6130     Social Bases of Behavior                                                   3

PSYC 6170     Individual Tests of Intelligence                                           3

PSYC 6430     History & Systems of Psychology                                       3

PSYC 6505     Masters Counseling Psychology Practicum                          3

PSYC 6506     Masters Counseling Psychology Practicum                          3

Thesis Option Requirement

PSYC 6540     Thesis                                                                            1

Non-Thesis Option Requirements - All Core Courses in addition to Electives 6 hours

(Any 2 of the following courses)

PSYC 5190     Group Counseling & Guidance                                           3

PSYC 5230     Learning Theories                                                           3

PSYC 5570     Individuals/Couples/Family Systems Assessment:

                     Theory & Intervention                                                     3

PSYC 6370     Interest, Aptitude & Achievement Testing                           3

PSYC 6550     Health Psychology                                                           3

PSYC 6560     Violence in Interpersonal Relations                                   3





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