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Experimental Psychology Lab

In January 2009, the TSU Psychology Department was granted a ~$150,000 award from the National Science Foundation Historically Black College/University-Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP) to establish the TSU Experimental Psychology Teaching & Research Laboratory with the goal of promoting experimental psychology as a career path for TSU students. Currently, African Americans are underrepresented in the field of psychology, but particularly so in the experimental subfields.

The Laboratory has a 64-channel EEG system (Electrical Geodesic Inc.); psycho-physiological equipment for recording blood pressure, skin conductance; a battery of psychological tests; and 15 computers.

student research

Reading and Research in Psychology (PSYC4517)

Enrollment in this course requires permission from the instructor.  Participation in this course enables students to be paired up with faculty in the Department of Psychology to assist them in the conduct of research.

Senior Project (PSYC4500)

All Psychology majors are required to complete this course.  Students will be encouraged to make use of the Laboratory tools in the conduct of their Senior Projects.

Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate students in Psychology programs who are given Graduate Assistantships with faculty who utilize the Laboratory will have an opportunity to conduct research using these resources.



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