Careers in Psychology

What can I do with a Psychology degree?

 I. Employment fields with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

II. Fields related to psychology (undergraduate/graduate).

III. Degrees acquired within psychology.

IV. How to search & apply for graduate school.

V. Undergraduate Research Programs.


I. Employment fields with a bachelor's degree in psychology:

The undergraduate psychology degree helps students to gain particular skills which prepare them to become excellent candidates within the field. We help to instill the tools and knowledge which can serve them for a myriad of entry-level jobs within the workforce psychology and related fields.

Social Services Jobs

Many governmental and private non-profit organizations seek to fulfill positions for candidates with a bachelor's degree in psychology. The duties involved within these positions might include helping families, assisting neglected children, working with the elderly and the disabled to gain access to psychological counseling, healthcare and other necessary resources. In the social service sector, job designations for which psychology undergraduates qualify include social work assistants, social-urban planners, group home attendants, case workers and day care center supervisors. Many students who maintain the ability to care and empathize with clients are well suited and excel for this working environment.

Probation and Parole Officer

Courses within undergraduate psychology help to instill the understanding of the psychology of crime which make great for candidates wishing to work as parole officers and probation officers for state or local governments. The duties for these officers include supervision over the behavior of others within their wards, and prepare regular reports as directed by the courts. Halfway houses which focus on the social reintegration of individuals with a history of alcohol and substance abuse are also large employers of those prepared with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Counseling Jobs

A bachelor's degree in psychology prepares individuals to work under a licensed social worker or psychologist and assist with needed efforts in counseling, teach life skills and manage applied therapy sessions in a number of various settings. For counseling positions, these are usually considered under designations such as mental health technician and psychiatric technician. Psychology undergraduates with an interest in helping people chart their career are eligible to work as career counselors. They groom candidates and help them with job search and placements.

Personnel Management

This degree helps those to better understand interpersonal relationships combined with offering knowledge of various communication techniques. This makes students with psychology undergraduate degrees a good choice as administrators and managers dealing with human resource management. Psychology coursework includes a study of how people think and learn, form opinions, interact with others, and are influenced by their environment. This knowledge is handy for personnel administrator positions in business organizations, schools and hospitals. In this position, candidates also work at interviewing, recruiting, training and where necessary, terminating employees.

Marketing and Public Relations

An undergraduate in Psychology offers the chance to understand human nature, motivation and behavior in deeper ways along with quality communication skills. Organizations looking to hire marketing staff and public relations specialists take note of those with these skills. Marketing positions typically require planning strategies to sell a product or service whereas public relations jobs involve interacting with clients, investors, media and customers to promote the company's image. Governmental agencies also hire candidates with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology to work as a community relations officer to liaise between them and the local community.

Commonly obtained jobs:

Business Area (minor in business is helpful): *Administrative assistant *Advertising agent *Custom relations *Employee and or Employment counselor *Marketing representative *Marketing researcher *Occupational analyst *Public relations *Managerial position *Staff training and development *Insurance agent

Mental Health/ Social services: *Case Worker *Child protection worker *Corrections officer *Mental health technician *Drug/substance abuse counselor *Family service worker *Program manager *Rehabilitation advisor *Social service director *Behavior analyst *Director of volunteer services *Other positions available: *Affirmative action officer *Child care worker *College admissions counselor *College admissions recruiter *Community recreation worker *Director of alumni relations (college) *Director of fundraising (college) *Urban Planning officer *Congressional aide *Hospital patient service representative *Newspaper reporter *Park and recreation director *Statistical analysis *Technical writer

Other Miscellaneous Positions: *Case Management *Medical Social Workers *School Social Workers *Clinical Social Workers *Administration and Management *Community Organization *Substance Misuse and Addictions *Politics *Research *Policy & Planning *Clergy *Counselors *Psychologists *Probation Officers *Social Policy and Research *Correctional Treatment Specialist *Child Welfare *Health Care *Employment/Occupational Social Work *Aging/Gerontology *Family Foster Care *Adoption Agency *Refugee Relief Agency *International Aid Organizations


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*II. Psychology careers across all degree levels, organized by field

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Research, Business, and Teaching.



Social Work


- Air Force

-   Career/Vocational

-   Army (Mental Health)

- Art

- Army

- Child

-   Child Welfare

- Exercise

- Child

- Child   Abuse

-   Clinical

-   Existential

-   Clinical

- Community

- Case   Management

-   Marriage/Family

-   Cognitive

-   Domestic Violence

-   Geriatric

- Music

-   Consumer

-   Gerontological

- Medical

- Primary

-   Counseling

-   LPC

-   Mental Health


- Sports

-   Developmental

-   Marriage/Family

-   Policy Work


-   Educational

-   Mental Health

-   Public Health


-   Engineering

- Military   (Chaplain)

-   Substance Abuse


-   Experimental

- Military


-   Forensic

-   Multicultural


-   Geropsychology

-   Rehabilitation


- Health

-   Substance Abuse


-   Industrial (I-O)

- Veterans


- Media

- Victims'   Advocacy


-   Military

- Psychotherapy


- Navy Clinical


-   Navy Research


-   Neuropsychology


-   Organizational


- Social


- School



III. Psychology careers organized by degrees

Associate’s Degree:


Bachelor’s Degree:







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