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Healthcare: One of the Most Rapidly-Growing Industries

This is a very exciting time to major in the healthcare field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many professions in the health care field, particularly in the allied health professions, are experiencing severe shortages. While other segments of our economy are experiencing layoffs, downsizing, outsourcing and plant closures, healthcare is experiencing tremendous growth.

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Why Get a Career in Healthcare?

The rapid growth of the healthcare field is only one of many reasons to major in the allied health professions. While considering a career in healthcare, it may be helpful to know that:

  • Health care is one of the largest industries in the United States. Today, we spend over $1.6 trillion dollars per year on health care (only the Defense Department spends more).
  • When other agencies are experiencing lay-offs, the health care industry is experiencing tremendous growth and rapid changes.
  • Health care is ranked as one of the largest industries in the country with more than 11 million jobs, including the self-employed.
  • By 2012, 1 out of every 7 new jobs in the nation will be in health care resulting in 2.5 million additional workers.
  • By 2012, 6 out of 10 of the fastest growing occupations in Tennessee are projected to be in health care.
  • Health care management is ranked among the top 50 best jobs in America.
  • Managerial salaries range from $30,000 - $200,000 per year depending on educational achievement, experience, geographical location, etc.


Degree Programs

The Department of Health Administration and Health Sciences, houses two separate baccalaureate degree programs:

The Department of Health Administration and Health Sciences at Tennessee State University has the only fully approved 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree Program in the State of Tennessee and the southeast region and is one of twenty-nine programs nationwide. The Health Administration Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level leadership roles in the health care field or to pursue master's degree programs in various disciplines.

The Department of Health Administration is also home for the Public Health Program. Currently, the department offers a master in:


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Public Health, Health Administration, and Health Sciences at Tennessee State University is to prepare tomorrow’s healthcare leaders for professional programs, interdisciplinary collaboration, evidenced-based clinical practice, and service to the community.


The departmental goals are:

• To pursue higher academic standards.

• To produce graduates who pursue advanced studies.

• To make significant contributions to basic and applied research efforts.

• To enhance and promote community engagement.



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