TSU civil engineering graduate student Tinotenda Jonga published his bridge photo in the 2020 ASCE Bridge Calendar - December.  Representing TSU! Please see the link


On 9/19/2019, Architect John Tettleton and Dr. Armwood-Gordon brought 14 TSU Architectural Engineering Students to visit the TSU Health Science Building at TSU Main Campus.


On 9/20/2019, the Department holds the first time Open House with CE and AE students. Dr. Li host this event. Dr. Chimba, Dr. Painter, Dr. Nathan, and Dr. Gordon introduced themselves and advised students for more research opportunities. ASCE, NSBE, SWE, AEI student chapter representatives introduced their student chapter activities. Ms. April from PNNL introduced the summer intern program.


Dr. Lin Li and Dr Roger Painter Receives NSF Excellent in Research Grant along with Dean Lonnie Sharpe and Jackson State University in $1 M grant in “Fate and Transport of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Environment”. Dr. Li is PI of the new grant from 2019.08-2022.07. Research assistant ship is available for any interested MS and PhD students. Please contact with Dr. Li at

Dr. Armwood-Gordon joins with Washington State University to win a $7.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to lead a national university transportation center focused on improving the durability and extending the lifespan of the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The grant is from 2019 to 2022.

Dr. Lin Li, as Co-PI, win $1M NSF HBCU-RISE Award to conduct bio-inspired soil improvements and self-sealing research in civil and structural engineering. The project is to support PhD student to study advanced functional materials and devices for biotechnology applications. Research assistant ship is available for any interested MS and PhD students. Please contact with Dr. Li at

4/10/2019, Senior Mechanical Engineer Mrs. Fengjuan Wang (PE) from Power Management Corporation gave a guest lecture for the MEEN 4200 Heating & Air Conditioning a guest lecture of HVAC practical design and career development. Professor Muhammad Akbar invited her to teach.



On April 2, 2019, Dr. Lin Li and Dr. Nathan invited 12 undergraduate students of Civil Engineering Program to visit Tennessee Department of Transportation Material and Testing Division at Nashville. Students toured their lab facilities to see structural materials, geomaterials, asphalt pavement materials laboratory.



Dr. Armwood, as Co-PI, win $1M NSF Award to enhance Graduate Engineering Education. Any new graduate student who want to apply NSF graduate fellowship, please contact with Dr. Armwood at



On March 12, 2019, Dr. Lin Li and Dr. Armwood invited 20 undergraduate students of Civil Engineering Program and Architectural Engineering Program to visit Turner Construction Site at Downtown Nashville. Students toured a 27 floors high-end apartment building to see the structural components and mechanical parts during the construction phase.



TSU Civil and Architectural Engineering Dr. Ranganathan Parthasarathy Collaborates with University of Kansas Institute of Bioengineering Research to study Dentin Adhesives



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Prof. Chimba Research is reported in TDOT Research Roundup in September 2018 for his research “Freight Intermodal Connectors Study”



Prof. Chimba engages research in his Transportation Engineering, Planning and Safety Lab (TESP-Lab)



Civil Engineering, No. 1 in Job Growth

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