Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Program in CE or AE

In addition to the University requirements for graduation, the following specific College and program graduation requirements must be met by students in the B.S. in Civil Engineering or the B.S. in Architectural Engineering.

Students may graduate with a maximum of two "D" grades earned in the last two semesters of the senior year. All other "D" grades earned in courses prior to the senior year must be repeated the very next time the courses are offered until a minimum grade of "C" is earned. If a graduating senior earns more that two grades of "D" during the senior year, that senior will not graduate until that senior has only two grades of "D".

All graduating seniors must take and successfully complete all components of the Senior Exit Examination during the senior year.

Engineering students must take and pass ENGR 4201 Engineering in Training Review Laboratory and they must take the Fundamental of Engineering Examination the same semester they take ENGR 4201 course. This course is only offered during the Fall semester.

Each student must complete a practicum prior to graduation. A practicum may include, but is not limited to, an industrial internship, co-operative education experience, research experience, assistant in an engineering or technology laboratory, and other engineering/technology practical experiences. The student practicum must be approved in advance by the student's academic advisors. This practical experience must be at least eight (8) continuous weeks in length. A comprehensive report on at least one practicum is required. The report must be cosigned by a supervisor. The practicum report is to be given to the student's faculty advisor.

Students planning to graduate must obtain a copy of Graduation Course Checklist from the office, complete the form and submit to their academic advisors.

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Graduation Requirements