Mission and Objectives

 Program Mission and Educational Objectives

The following Program Mission and Educational Objectives are developed in conjunction with the students, faculty, alumni, and industrial constituents. These objectives serve to: (a) characterize the Architectural Engineering program at Tennessee State University and (b) support the mission of the College and University. The mission and objectives of the department are in agreement with the Mission and Objectives of the College and the University.

Architectural and Facilities Engineering Statement of Mission 

Tennessee State University, established in 1890 as a land-grant institution, is a major comprehensive urban university. The College of Engineering was established in 1948. The Department of Architectural and Facilities Engineering was established in 1955.

The mission of the Architectural and Facilities Engineering department is to provide a quality, discipline specific program to prepare its graduates for successful careers in the engineering profession in industry or government, to pursue graduate study in related fields, to engage in research, life long learning and service to the community.

In order to carry out this diverse mission, the Department of Architectural and Facilities Engineering at Tennessee State University, serves Nashville and Middle Tennessee, the State of Tennessee, the Nation, and the international community with the Universities Motto, “Think, Work, Serve” as the basis of the Department’s Mission. In this regard, the Department seeks to provide its students with those experiences, which can lead to a wholesome, well-rounded, and well-balanced quality of life. [5]

The Department serves a diverse population of students of all races: traditional, non-traditional, commuter, residential, undergraduates, full-time, and part-time. In doing so the Department seeks to develop the talents of its students, including those with special academic talents as well as those who have educational, cultural, environmental, social and/or economic constraints. [6]

Program Educational Objectives

The Program Educational Objective for the Architectural Engineering program delineate the skills and attributes of graduates within a time frame of between three to six years following graduation.

  1. The ability to apply knowledge of physical sciences, mathematics, and scientific approach to the engineering analysis and design as productive architectural engineers.
  2. To work effectively on multidisciplinary teams for the optimum solution of a wide range of architectural engineering problems in an ethical and professional manner.
  3. To continue an active program of life long learning and continuing education while seeking information of global and societal contemporary issues within and outside of the architectural engineering profession.
  4. To utilize contemporary and state-of-the-art technologies in the analysis of data, synthesis of experimental results, and design of architectural and engineering related problems.
  5. To seek positions of greater responsibility and leadership as a practitioner and as a member of technical and professional organizations.

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