Shannon Williams

Adjunct Professor
Civil and Architectural Engineering

M.S Environmental Science/Geography, University of Memphis, 1995
B.A. Geography and History, Emory and Henry College, 1991


Professional Experience

Hydrologist, US Geological Survey, 1997-present
Hydrologic Technician, US Geological Survey, 1994-1997



Field and Laboratory Analytical Methods
Design of environmental monitoring programs
Evaluating monitoring techniques
Analysis of water quality data


     Office: 108H Torrence Hall
     Phone: 615-963-5430 

Sample Titles of Paper Publications

Fate and Transport of Petroleum Hydrocarbons at Big South NRRA
Monitoring Strategies for Volatile Organics in Karst Springs
Field Sampling and Analytical Methods for Monitoring VOCS in Karst
Soil Gas Screening for Chlorinated Solvents at Karst Sites
Water Quality data for wells near Arnold Air Force Base
Microbial Strategies for Degradation of Organic Contaminants in Karst
Effects of Land Use on Nitrate Concentrations for Water Table Aquifers

Sample Seminars and Conferences

Tennessee American Water Resources Symposiums, Nashville 1996-2006
Society of Environ. Toxicology and Chemistry National Meetings,1997-1999
National Water Quality Monitoring Conferences, 2002 & 2004
Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, 2006

Honors and awards

US Geological Survey Special Thanks for Achieving Awards, 1998,1999&2006
US Geological Survey Quality Step Award, 2002

Courses Taught at Tennessee State University

CE 436, Environmental Engineering Laboratory, 3 credit hours
CVEN 4361, Environmental Engineering Laboratory, 1 credit hour
CVEN 5360, Environmental Engineering Laboratory, 3 credit hour

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Civil Engineering